Ree Drummond's Fall Chicken Skillet Is the One-Pot, Mess-Free Meal You've Been Dreaming Of

Spice up your dinner this week with Ree Drummond’s sizzling fall chicken skillet meal. The Pioneer Woman shared her one-pan recipe on Food Network yesterday, and it’s going on our weekly rotation ASAP.

“Ree loads up her skillet with chicken thighs, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash and cauliflower for the ultimate autumn meal!” the video on YouTube was captioned.

It starts off with Drummond seasoning her chicken thighs and putting it on the skillet to cook. “You know what I love about chicken thighs is that they’re actually cheaper than chicken breasts,” Drummond says in the video. “And I have never understood that because they’re so much more delicious.” Hey, we’ll take whatever cost-saving measures we can get!

In addition to the chicken thighs, you’ll also need a handful of spices, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash (she recommends buying it pre-prepped), cauliflower, and a few other special ingredients to make this tasty dinner. The best part? It all goes into the skillet, so you can save the dishes for another day (another win!).

“The flavor when this is all done is through the roof,” Drummond adds. It is such a colorful blend of autumn produce and golden-brown chicken. It looks amazing!

Fans thought so too. One person commented, “A truly amazing skillet dinner. One could even prepare it on the stove one day ahead and throw it in the oven the next night to finish cooking for dinner.”

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Another wrote, “One more reason to love chicken. Great recipe.”

Despite the relatively long length of this recipe — one hour and ten minutes — it only takes about 35 minutes of active time, and it will serve a family of six. Drummond recommends serving it with crusty bread to add a little crunch to your meal.

Get Drummond’s full Fall Chicken Skillet recipe here.

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