Jamie Oliver's One-pan 'Fabulous Fish' Is Ready To Serve in Just 15 Minutes

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We may be kind of obsessed with food, but that doesn’t mean that we always look forward to cooking dinner, especially on busy days. And what time of year is more busy than the holiday season? We’re so preoccupied planning out our Thanksgiving menus that we barely have time to grocery shop for the regular weeknight meals that are what actually sustains us. Luckily, Jamie Oliver knows how to make a quick meal out of a handful of ingredients that you’ll actually love, and his recipe for one-pan “Fabulous Fish” fits the bill in more than one ways.

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Oliver is kind of a pro at this type of recipe. His latest cookbook, which will be released in the US in January, is all about “Simple One-Pan Wonders,” and his previous cookbooks include “5 Ingredients,” which is full of recipe that contain…well, five ingredients.

One: Simple One-Pan Wonders by Jamie Oliver


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To make his fabulous fish, Oliver pairs basmati rice with store bought green olive tapenade (you can swap in pesto if you can’t find tapenade at your store) in a casserole dish, then adds water, white fish filets, and a lightly dressed tomato-basil salad.

The dish is covered, and as the water simmers, the fish nestled into the rice steams to tender perfection. As the fish and tomatoes cook, they infuse the rice with flavor. It literally takes just 15 minutes from start to finish. Add more tapenade to the fish before serving, sprinkle over some basil, drizzle on some olive oil, and you’ve got a simple but totally satisfying weeknight meal. Even better? Unlike some of our other go-tos, like frozen pizza or take-out, Oliver’s meal is actually pretty nutritious.

5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver


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There are so many reasons why the holidays are overwhelming, but struggling to make quick and easy weeknight meals doesn’t have to be one of them. Thanks to Jamie Olivers one-pan and five-ingredient recipes, you’ll be eating well even on days when you don’t have hours to spend peeling potatoes and basting turkey.

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