Ina Garten's Favorite Pasta Sauce Brand Now Has Alfredo Sauce at Costco

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If your New Year’s resolutions look anything like ours this year, then one thing you’re trying to work on is being better with money. And when we really look at our budget, one of the biggest expenses that could be shaved down is food we order out. Whether we’re popping in for a quick bite while running errands, or ordering a delivery feast from our favorite Chinese food take-away place, it’s a delicious way to spend money, but it definitely adds up. The solution? Cook more food at home! But if that sounds like too much work, there are a couple of shortcuts you can take to achieve the balance between convenience and affordability, and it all starts at Costco (you have a membership, right?).

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Costco has a pretty epic prepared foods section, which is usually cheaper than restaurant food, but is easier than cooking a whole meal from scratch yourself. But they also have great deals on premium ingredients. Costco has long been our go-to for stocking up on Ina Garten’s favorite store-bought marinara sauce brand, Rao’s Homemade, and one Costco fan on Instagram recently made a delicious discovery. Costco is now also selling Rao’s Homemade Alfredo Sauce.

Courtesy of Rao’s Homemade.

Rao’s Homemade describes their Alfredo Sauce as “a rich, velvety blend of cheese, cream and butter.” You can get a two-pack at Costco for just $11.79 (prices may vary based on location), and if you don’t have a Costco membership, you can also find it on Amazon.

Courtesy of Rao’s Homemade.

Once you have the sauce, add a 99-cent package of your favorite pasta, and you’ve got dinner. It’s so much less expensive than ordering take-out, especially if you’re prone to ordering pasta dishes that can be made for pennies on the dollar at home. Do yourself a favor and leave the hardest part — creating a delicious sauce — to the experts at Rao’s. Then just add pasta, and a protein and veggie if you’re feeling fancy, and you’ve got dinner. Take that, New Year’s resolutions!

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