If You Love Lemon, You Need to Check Out the New Dessert Costco Just Added to Its Bakery Section

There’s never been a better time to be a lemon lover than right now. Costco just introduced a 6-pack of mini lemon cakes to its bakery section, and though there’s nothing “mini” about them, you still won’t feel bad eating an entire cake by yourself. They’re simply that good.

Spotted by Laura of the @costcohotfinds Instagram account on August 2, the mini lemon cakes are being sold for just under $10 in the Costco bakery.

“Costco Bakery has NEW Lemon Mini Cakes!!!” she wrote in her caption. “These not-so-little cakes are delicious!! I imagine they’ll be around for the rest of the Summer but I’m not quite sure. Definitely worth trying!”

She posted a video of herself cutting into one of these beauties and said, “As soon as you open the box, you get the most delicious sweet lemon smell. These are lemon cake with lemon filling, lemon buttercream frosting, and white chocolate curls. They were, of course, so good and definitely not very mini.”

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Perfect to serve as a refreshing treat after a light, summertime meal, or even in the morning alongside your cup of coffee, the mini lemon cakes might just become your favorite mini cakes Costco has ever served. According to @costcofans’ foodie review, “My husband loved it. He said it’s the best one. He loves lemon. AND he’s tried them all!”


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So if your tastebuds are craving a lemon dessert, get to your local Costco ASAP to see if these lemon cakes are in stock. These mini cakes may just make your summer go from good to great.

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