How Christina Milian Is Passing Down Her Cuban Heritage Through Food

Actress, singer, and mom of three Christina Milian is ready for cold and flu season and Hispanic Heritage Month. Speaking to our editors from across the pond in Paris, Milian talked about parenting and how she’s staying healthy during back-to-school season. “You can go a whole day without touching anything, but you can’t go a whole day without breathing!” she said, adding that she has been using Lysol Air Sanitizer to kill airborne germs this time of year. The 41-year-old has partnered with the brand to raise awareness on the product, which is the only Environmental Protection Agency-approved spray to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air.

This time of year also brings back memories of growing up as a Cuban-American in New Jersey, with the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. “Cooking is something that has brought our household together from generations before. My mom learned from her mom. My mom taught me early. I love food. Food is a really big passion when it comes to the Cuban culture, I think. And we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and that’s where you are really able to have conversations about life,” she said. “Passing on the recipes from my mom and my grandmother and my Tias — that’s a big deal to me.” Watch the full exclusive interview above.

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