Stop Everything: Fitbits Are Up To 40% Off For Prime Day

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Make sure to sign up for a Prime membership if you haven’t already so you can take advantage of the below deals.

Heart rate is one of the best metrics to gauge the intensity of your workout, but keeping track of your beats per minute (BPM) can also be useful for a wide range of other applications, from measuring your sleep cycle to monitoring your general health.

If you’re not already rocking a smartwatch or tracker with a built-in heart monitor, you’re missing out on those benefits. Thankfully, you can snap up one of the most unobtrusive heart rate monitors on the market and one of the sleekest smartwatches for cheap this Prime Day. Fitbit’s Alta HR, the company’s thinnest tracker, and the Versa, the latest smartwatch, are both on sale for 40 and 20 percent off, respectively.

The Alta HR boasts automatic activity monitoring, smart notifications from your phone, sleep tracking, and more.

If you hate working out with chunky watches taking up too much real estate on your wrist, you’ll be a fan of this tracker; the Alta HR is super-thin and uncomplicated, with a touch interface to check out your stats. The super-long seven-day battery life means you rarely have to stop to recharge.

The Versa, meanwhile, is Fitbit’s best answer to the smartwatch competition.

It has a sleek design that looks at home in the gym or out on the town, with all the fit-tracking capabilities of the Alta HR and more.

You’ll have access to apps like Pandora and can even add your own music to stream to Bluetooth-connected headphones — but no LTE service here. The Versa is a solid smartwatch — particularly for Android users who are blocked out of the Apple Watch — especially on sale.

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