'I Survived One of Australia’s Toughest Fitness Challenges'

I was so nervous before my first Tough Mudder, I’d never done anything like it before but when one of the girls at work asked me to join her team I knew it was an unmissable opportunity. Unfortunately, my training regimen wasn’t as regimented as I had hoped and by the 4km mark I was aching *note to future competitors don’t sleep through your alarm for three consecutive days of training like me*.

The thought of crawling under barbed wire had me shaking in my shoes! I’m not a big fan of heights and was already feeling the burn from the previous obstacles. I don’t know how I would have done it without the support and encouragement of my teammates and also the fellow competitors. We stuck together through thick and thin and didn’t leave any of our teammates behind on any of the obstacles helping each other overcome our fears and physical barriers.

By the 6km mark we were laughing through the pain and I was never concerned about not being able to make it through the obstacles, instead we focussed on how we would motivate and inspire one another to get through it together. 

We had an awesome cheer squad and the atmosphere on the day was amazing! Everyone on the sidelines was so supportive and really helped get us through the most challenging obstacles (and the masses of mud!).

The feeling when we finished is hard to describe, as we stepped over the finish line together beneath the mud, sweat and tears was an unspoken bond between not only my team but our fellow competitors, we’d experienced it all and done it together. You couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces.

After posing for that obligatory post-mud Instagram pic it was straight to the Biozet Attack ‘human carwash’ for us and my workout gear was saved! My grass and mud stains come out so easily and thankfully without any of my usual elbow grease, as my biceps still felt like jelly after the race.

Then it was straight home for an Epsom salt bath and a hearty bowl of bolognaise. Is it crazy that one of the first things I did was look up when next years Tough Mudder is? Bring it on!

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