Finding inspiration to recover after injury? Look no far than Tanishaa Mukerji

The actor can be seen setting major fitness goals on recovery after injury.

The recovery period after an injury, while being physically hard on the body, can also be mentally challenging. During such times, finding what you love to do can be cathartic. Actor Tanishaa Mukerji’s recent Instagram posts are proof of how important it is to get back on track after an injury.



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Sharing how after an injury, Pilates and yoga helped her strengthen her body and helped her gain flexibility, Mukherji stated, “Find the workout u love…move ur body to activate ur mind! I was injured a few years ago while doing weights and Pilates got me back on track and changed the way my body moves! It gave me flexibility and grace …. I still do weights but not as much and with a lot more awareness! Yoga along with pilates and weights has helped me find a deeper connection with my body… I’m still learning my body … this is something that never ends cos its forever changing!”



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In the following post, she mentioned, “Focus is tough.. connecting ur body and mind requires a lot of concentration initially… till it becomes automatic… I absolutely love the feeling of connecting my whole being when I move as I do this exercise.”



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Advocating how a happy body is possible only through a happy mind, she shared another post.

Here’s what to know about injury aggravation while exercising:

As Pilates is aimed at prevention and recovery after injury with exercises focussing on strengthening muscles around the spine, pelvis and abdomen, it assists with back pain, postural pain and bio-mechanical injuries. While there is also an element of stretching in Pilates, it is not to the extent that there is in yoga. Both have their benefits as they are often an essential part of high-intensity training.

However, depending on individual assessment of injury, one could choose the exercise as it’s important to identify any risks involved with the form of exercise or any particular positions/movements in these activities that may aggravate the injury. Once the aggravating movements and positions have been identified, then working out which activity is more beneficial than the other is more useful. In Mukerji’s case, both Pilates and yoga were beneficial.

Even a mild discomfort while stretching must not be ignored. The best way to go about recovery is to be aware of your limitations and let the instructor know so that alternatives or modifications can be done to prevent injury aggravation.

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