Erin McNaught Claps Back At Critics Of Her Pregnancy Workout

She’s 38 weeks and “getting impatient” but Erin McNaught is still keeping fit in the lead up to the birth of baby number two.

The 35-year-old shared a bit of her latest HIIT workout on Instagram and it’s pretty dang inspiring.

“I do 6 exercises for 1 min each, 30 secs rest between exercises (have upped the rest period in the last few weeks as I was getting loads of Braxton Hicks after my workouts which are harmless but annoying!) then repeat. So 18 mins total workout time. When you’re #38WeeksPregnant, 18 mins is just enough.

The model and TV presenter has been documenting the progression of her second pregnancy on Instagram, along with sweet snaps of and her musician husband Example and two-year-old son Evander. 

She also clapped back at some of the hate she received in the comments after one user wrote: “Jesus Christ! What is wrong with the world?? I find this terrifying.”

“Keeping myself and my baby healthy is wrong?” Erin replied, “Ensuring I’m fit and strong not only for labour but also for when I’m running around after a 2yo with a newborn? You need to rethink what is really “terrifying” in this world.”

It’s not the first time she’s copped unnecessary criticism during her pregnancy, with some trolls slamming the size of her bump.

Erin addressed her critics back in June writing, “A lot of people commenting on how small my bump is for 27 weeks… A few important points!”

“…My midwife has said I have “an extra-long torso” this means I have a lot more room to carry a baby… I’m quite tall (5’9″) so have even more room…I eat pretty well (aside from a burger or two a week ??) and exercise moderately; both are important for a healthy bubba. I’m measuring spot on for how far along I am. I’m feeling pretty good (most of the time!) and my midwife is happy so that’s all I need to say.”

Although exercise is incredibly beneficial for pregnant mums and their unborn bubs, always talk to a healthcare professional before working out while you’re expecting. What’s right for one (insanely fit) mum isn’t necessarily right for everyone. 

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