6 Times Jenna Dewan Was #FitnessGoals on Instagram

What can we say about fitness queen Jenna Dewan that could ever do our woman crush justice? It’ll never be enough. Dewan, star of Step Up and host of the NBC show World of Dance, is known for sharing heart-thumping, sultry dance videos of herself on social media, as well as Instagram photos showing off her impressive workout moves that inspire total #fitnessgoals.

While most of us haven’t professionally trained with Janet Jackson in our teens, and some of us may not even be able to touch our toes (keep working at it!), we can still appreciate Dewan’s passion for keeping fit and healthy by constantly pushing her body through dance, workouts, and yoga. Here, six times she basically sent us running to our next workout.

When she hung upside down in a split while wearing the cutest set of bordeaux-inspired spandex

We wish, like Dewan, we had this kind of motivation on Mondays (instead of snoozing our alarms, debating our early AM workouts).

That time she embraced nature and sunshine in a crop top and high waist leggings 

Today, i really ?u Cali

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Only Dewan can come out of a hike or run looking like a glowing goddess instead of a sweaty mess (me). 

When she made us think to pack medicine balls in our beach bags

Note to self: pack adorable workout clothes, medicine ball, and fave APL sneakers for next beach outing. Also, bring friend to snap photos for Instagram.

The moment she fooled us by making this yoga stretch look way too easy

We are so not on the floor by our desk trying to unsuccessfully to mimic this stretch. Nope, not us. 

When we knew we wanted her toned arms… and her matching floral sport bra and leggings

ruuuuuun #danskindetermination

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But, really, what exercises do I need to commit to for Jenna-Dewan-arms?

The time she got real about what keeps her healthy

We wish we could be Dewan’s gym BFF, or at least channel her during our next sweat session. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

While we may not be able to twist our bodies into these poses like Dewan, we can still mimic her workout style: Dewan, who is a Danskin ambassador, has been sporting these comfy, high-waisted leggings from the brand in many of her social media posts lately. We’re officially believers, too: Not only do they fit your booty like a glove, but did we mention that they’re a whopping $24 on Amazon, so completely affordable? Score.

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