6 of the best yoga mats for every kind of practice

Whether you’re looking for grip, cushioning or environmentally friendly materials, these yoga mats will get you in the mood to stretch. 

Your yoga mat should be the place you turn to in order to get calm and recentre, and the journey to zen should begin the second you roll it out. But, let’s be honest, sometimes a mat can make your practice more stress-inducing than stress relieving.

If you’re left slipping and sliding into your first downward dog, or flimsy materials mean your knees press against the hardwood floor in child’s pose, it might be time for an upgrade. Yoga mats can be an investment, but getting the right one is crucial to maximise your practice. After all, there’s nothing like the fear of falling over to distract you from your mindfulness.

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To help, we’ve rounded up our favourite mats that will get you in the zone and help you relax without worrying about being properly supported. No matter what you want from your yoga, there’s a mat to help. 

  • Yogaline Yoga Mat, £109

    Best yoga mat: Yogaline

    This grippy surface keeps you feeling safe during inversions, and also comes with alignment guides so you know where to place your hands and feet in postures. Made from 100% natural rubber with an eco-PU top layer, it’s just as good for the environment as it is your practice.


  • Kin Travel Mat, £55

    Best yoga mat: Kin

    The lightweight material means you can roll it up and take it to class with you, and it even comes with a free strap.But don’t let the thin material trick you: the grippy underside means it won’t slip away from under you. 


  • Fable Yoga Mat, £68

    Best yoga mat: Fable

    Fable mats are wider and longer than most so that you can benefit from extra padding in large poses like supine spinal twists. The upper layer is non-slip, even when you’re sweating from the palms, and the 4mm sponge is super comfy to rest on. 


  • Liforme Yoga Mat, £100

    Best yoga mat: Liforme

    Dubbed ‘the magic carpet’ by yogis including Cat Meffan, this mat claims to be the most grippy on the market while also providing enough cushioning for comfort. It’s made from biodegradable material and printed with an align system for perfect form.


  • Postography Bamboo Mat, £41.31

    Best yoga mat: Postography

    Opt for bamboo if you want to really connect to the earth during your practice. This waterproof mat is perfect for even the sweatiest sessions and is spongy enough to protect joints during practice.


  • Wuufly Studio Mat, £60

    Best yoga mat: Wuufly

    Wuufly are a UK-based brand with sustainability at heart. Made from biodegradable materials (including microfibre that gets grippier the more you sweat) and topped gorgeous patterns that stimulate relaxation. We love this ocean print, with 10% of each sale goes to conservation charity Sea Shepherd UK. 

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  • Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat, £68

    Best yoga mats: Lululemon

    Lululemon’s known for it’s buttery soft fabrics, and the materials of it’s yoga mats are no different. But the super soft top layer still manages to maintain grip so you won’t end up sliding. This mat is also easy-to-clean, and made with antimicrobial materials, to keep your practice fresh. 

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