Thus, bathing and Swimming safe

Every summer drowning in Germany several Hundred people in lakes or Flü. Click here to read what the größten sources of danger are, and how you of it schüsupport

A refreshing dip in the lake gehört for the summer season! With a few tips you can kühle Wet safely genießen

The Scene Of The Isar. On the river, in the midst of MüMunich fließt, cavort as every summer, dozens of inflatable boats and Flöße. some Flößen tönt brass band, and in regelmäßowned Abstäthe sounds of the Geräuzh aneinanderstoßthe finished bottles. A couple of Beers gehören fümany of the boat-Trip on the river. A großhe Spaß – wären da not Ströin accordance with the provisions and the recklessness by the alcohol. Last summer, at a cost of a human life, the strong Strödetermination of the Isar river, he was to Verhäprison.

A total of 404 people drowned in Germany. Especially often it meets Äsenior üabout 55 years. Most of the deaths were reported in Bavaria. "There are many lakes. ­Most of them are unbewacht", Achim Wiese, press officer of the German life-rescue-&shy says;Gesell­shaft (DLRG), and a former lifeguard. According to statistics of the DLRG of 2017, the majority of drowning in unguarded Binnengewäwaters: in Flüshot, Bächen, lakes, Kanälen.

Read what the hämost common Gründe dafür are that people come to when Baden lost their lives, and how they swim. In order to Swim in the sea, lake or river remains what it should be: a refreshing Vergnügen.

Three häfrequent Irrtümer üabout the Drowning:

  • Who drowns, fidgets and flails wildly with the poor. That’s not true. Drowning is a silent death. "Most of the people go quietly unter", Dr. Rolf Eichinger, &shy says;Emergency medical and diving doctor in Hilpoltstein in the fränkischen lakes country, on the großen Brombachsee. 
  • Children, the the "Seepferdchen" acquired köcan swim. Ensure children and young people to swim up to 18 years only if you have at least 200 meters in höa maximum of 15 minutes zurücklegen, two-Meter-deep diving, a subject of this depth, bring it up and out of a Meter HöHey jump into the water köcan. Adults müshot 200 meters in seven minutes. This Fäskills match badge to the requirements of the German youth swimming and the German swimming badge in Bronze. 
  • Sträbeaches and lakes that are not guarded, are determined ungefädangerous. The statistics speaks about it: In unguarded swimming areas, most of the people drown. Sträbeaches are usually guarded only in tourist centers, or if many people swim there.

Full belly and Kälteschock: What are the rules of the vote?

With a full belly in the water? "Darüabout to argue the Fachleute", Achim Wiese says. Diving medical Eichinger into perspective: "In healthy people, not much happens." But persons with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure or neurological diseases should be careful.  

The Erklä: If the Köbody digested, fähe pays the circulatory System of a down, because he puts his energy in the digestive process. You jump plöin addition, in cold water, requires the opposite response: heart rate and blood pressure rise, in order to keep the peripherals warm and the muscles well to bleed through. "In rare ­Fäcases, it can.then to a collapse or a &shy…brief fainting kommen", Eichinger says.  

Kälteschock – there are the really? It happens that people jump into the water, as geläare hmt and go. Speaking of swimming failure. "This Phänoun is usually, at water temperatures around ten degrees Celsius relevant" so Eichinger. What exactly is in the Köbody happens is not known. Professionals ­a neuro-suspect logical Problem. The muscles köcan no longer be controlled correctly. Patients with cardiovascular diseases should definitely go slowly into the water, and in the rest of the temperature difference gewöstand up.

So you can avoid dangers and sticky situations

How can I prevent, that I find myself in a dangerous Situation?

  • If you are going to far to swim out, you should always carry a means of rescue. They bind, for example, a rope around the belly, a swimming Board or a rescue ring is attached. "If the rope is about three feet Länge has, stört is the means nicht", Eichinger says. 
  • Take your diving goggles and snorkel in the water. Also, this can be an aid to a lälonger cord around the neck wear. "If you are müde to put you both lie on your belly and relax for a few minutes. Air you get through the snorkel." In this way, you do not, dafür the air in the lungs. 
  • So you should also behave when you get a cramp. Flat on the water, on the Rücover, keep calm, wait and see, the question Extremität routes. Here, too, a floating Board can be very nüin addition to be.
  • Let me know where exactly you want to swim, if you go alone at an unguarded point, into the water. 

Tip from Achim Wiese: Swim better parallel to the shore rather than out to sea or in the direction of the lake planned.

Ströprovisions, swirls, plants dangers lurk in the water

  • Temperature differences: On the top layer of water seems to be the sun, it can be very hot. "But already 80 centimeters below it can k&auml significantly;lter sein", so Meadow. This Temperatursprünge f&uuml is to compensate for;r the Köthe body is a challenge. 
  • Ströin accordance with the provisions and maelstrom: Just in Flüand in the sea köyou can tückisch. The Strömung ­driving and swimming, if you nachlässt, on the side way. "Never against the Strömung swim or try to get to the same place again out of the water, the man went in ist", Achim Wiese says. They get into a water vortex, the Same applies: only to pull down and away, then dive to the side. 
  • Beware of Groynes. The Aufschüinjuries that extend into the river or the sea, to the shore or Küto attach the ste. "With the Fließthe direction of the river water between the Groynes. It R&uuml arise;ckströin accordance with the provisions and Strudel", erklärt Meadow. Also in the case of Groynes in the sea, there is turbulence. 
  • Creepers and branches: If you look in the water plants or Ämost verfängt, it is easy to panic.

These dangers are self-caused and are preventable

  • Levity: "Especially when alcohol is in the game, one tends, hazards not properly einzuschätzen", Rolf Eichinger says. But also unüberlegte Kopfsprünge cost of human life, or if you suffer a Querschnittslähmung.  
  • Selbstüberschäup: Häoften the conditions are evaluated incorrectly – Ströprovisions, for example, or distances, but not bewäbe met köcan.

What to do if you are Swimming in panic gerät?

If you are in the water in a problematic Situation gerät, is considered to be a top priority: keep calm! This is easy to say. But: "If I am in a panic, do I use energy, my thoughts and more narrow, I was rational", Achim Wiese says. The can a to Verhäprison.

In his time as a rescue swimmer in the DLRGler learned what it means when a person in the water in a panic gerät. Wiese wanted to help a man from the Surf in the Baltic sea. The Distress had panic. "He clung to me fest", Meadow remembers. Only by using a ­Liberation handle, the other in ­Rücover position, was able to Meadow to save the man. "I’m not going to forget how people in a panic tatsäon the take at every straw parentheses." 

So I have been helping in emergencies

Wäyou select immediately to the 112 and alert the rescue service. You have to throw the mattress in Distress, an air, a life ring or a rope. Or you draw him with a long stick to country. Ver­you are not looking for better to recover him self. Drowning develop tremendous KräRTD. You köcould go with her.

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