Peel-off masks: application tips and DIY instructions

A clear skin makes for well-being, finally, annoying pimples and blackheads in the way. In terms of skin cleansing there are numerous methods to a radiant and pure complexion, to help. Peel-off masks are also included, and blemished skin to prevent, by ridding the skin of excess sebum and dirt. Here you can learn how to apply a Peel off mask correctly and how they themselves have their own DIY masks can restore.

How does a Peel-off mask?

Peel-off masks have a gel-like consistency that dries after Application on the face slowly on the skin. When you Peel off the mask blackhead to, loose dandruff, dirt, and Sebum skin deposits on your stick and in this way be removed. By the regular application, you can Eugene skin blemishes such as pimples and blackheads verb. Particularly suitable Peel-off skin-mask for impure and mixed skin. Often masks against blackheads with a black charcoal as a Black-Head-mask are known. How you can make a mask with activated carbon, read more below.

Peel-off mask: how to apply

DIY instructions for a Peel-off mask

Of course, you don’t have to buy purifying Peel-off masks, necessarily, who has the time and inclination, you can also use a DIY mask. You need to manufacture only a few ingredients:

Those who prefer a vegan mask to use would like to, without animal gelatin, bone, cartilage and connective tissue of cattle and pigs contains vegetable Agar Agar to use. It is the carbohydrates in the cell walls of Blue – and red algae. So Agar Agar is obtained from sun-dried seaweed, then dried and ground to powder. Most drugstores, health food stores and health food stores have the vegetable gelling agent in the range.

Crushing the tablets with a mortar and cook them in parallel with the water on. The coal powder mix with the hot water and the gelatin, or vegetable binder, until no more clumps are visible. For the optimal consistency of the mask, you can heat the mixture for about 30 seconds at 800 watts in the microwave until it becomes thick slightly. The exact duration is dependent on the individual performance of your microwave. After Heating, the Paste needs to cool briefly, after which they can be applied.

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