Coconut oil for ticks: a Natural repellent for humans and animals

If the temperatures drop below seven degrees, falling ticks in a kind of winter hibernation and to survive, therefore, the frosty months with no problems. The arachnids have been spotted a few years ago, mostly in the warmer provinces, they have spread now in the whole of Germany. They live in forests and meadows – so wherever it is damp enough. There they remain until a human or (house)strips animal over and you can bite with your jaw tools in the skin. It is only when they have sucked blood, drain you of your host again. You can also transfer pathogens in life-threatening infections, such as Lyme disease trigger. Even more important is the right of protection against ticks: Here there are a variety of chemical insect sprays, natural repellents such as coconut oil.

Study proves it: this is Why coconut oil repels ticks

In a laboratory of the FU Berlin, some of the employees made the amazing observation that lauric acid has to tick a deterrent effect. In their attempt for a ten-percent lauric acid solution was used as a comparison: Butter, for example, contains only two to five percent lauric acid. The fact alone that between 81 and 100 percent of all ticks desisted in the attempt of the tested surface, provided a clear result: ticks, no Laurin like acid. And it has natural coconut oil is more than enough.

Untreated coconut oil can up to 60% lauric acid. As a result, it is an effective means of protection against ticks, even without the use of chemical ingredients such as Icaridin and DEET contained in insect sprays. Unfortunately, these drugs can also cause allergies and skin irritation, so coconut oil would be suitable for people with sensitive skin may be better. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to reach for the natural product deeper into the bag, if you calculated the ratio of price to quantity.

Coconut oil for ticks also helps in house animals?

Coconut oil is extracted from the dried flesh of the coconut, in short, copra called. Due to its high fat content, which is approximately between 60 and 70 percent, the coconut oil has a lot of lauric acid – so, – saturated fat and carboxylic acid. In the industrial production, the copra is heated and pressed, then refined or bleached, and deodorized (i.e., the odor will be covered). For this reason, you should always put on natural coconut oil, cold pressed without the use of chemical tools has been further processed. Opt for an organic product, this (according to manufacturer) also for Pets. You can use the Oil as a natural skin care or dietary Supplement to protect your dog or cat against ticks. The contained lauric acid should have the same effect on the spiders as people.

So you apply the coconut oil for ticks properly

Before you go through the forest and meadows for a walk, you should RUB the affected skin with coconut oil. Depending on how big the area is, you need different amounts. It is important in each case that the skin is adequately wetted – then the effect lasts up to six hours.

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