Sleeping with loose hair is bad news for your skin – here’s what to do instead

While no one has sadly invented a genuine, miracle solution to bad skin, we know that several things could be causing it.

Diet and stress are two of the main offenders.

Our environment and pollution can also cause flare-ups and break-outs.

Of course, sometimes it’s simply in our genes, and there isn’t much we can do about that.

But there could be one thing you could tweak which could prevent problem skin and spots from rearing their unwanted heads.

The key is what you do with your hair when you go to bed.

Because if you have long hair which you wear loose for bed, this could be part of the problem, as oily or unclean hair can pollute your skin.

Natural oils in your hair, as well other products you use (like shampoos, conditioners and treatments) can end up clogging your pores and irritating skin, The Sun reports.

The solution, however, is simple – and it doesn’t involve any fancy lotions or potions.

You simply tie your hair away from your face when you go to bed.

However, you need to make sure you don’t tie it too tightly, as this can damage it.

And if you really want to make sure your hair isn’t playing havoc with your skin, you could be really fancy and invest in a silk scarf to wrap your hair up in…

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