My day on a plate: Carolyn Creswell

The founder of Carman’s Kitchen, Carolyn Creswell, 44, shares her day on a plate.

Carolyn Creswell.

5.55am A shot of apple cider vinegar before meeting a friend for an early-morning walk.

7.15am Natural 5 Grain & Super Seed Porridge with almond milk and some figs from my neighbour.

8.35am A small skinny latte from the local cafe. 12.30pm Team lunch. Greek salad is provided today, which I pair with lemon and chilli sardines.

3.45pm Feeling peckish, I reach for kombucha and a few crackers with hummus before heading out to check on a new store stocking Carman's Kitchen products.

6.10pm It's fish taco night, my kids' favourite. We have pan-fried blue eye, wholemeal wraps, cabbage, carrot, barbecued corn, avocado, coriander and sour cream. I also have a glass of riesling.

9.45pm In bed with a mug of caramel tea and a novel. Heaven!

Dr Joanna McMillan says:

Top marks for… Choosing a fish species listed as sustainable and not under threat from overfishing. Canned sardines are another good choice, providing a boost of anti-inflammatory, brain- and heart-healthy omega-3 fats, and calcium from the edible bones.

If you keep eating like this you'll… Look after your gut as you have a nice selection of whole plant foods. Watch your teeth – the acidity of pure vinegar shots is highly corrosive to tooth enamel and can harm the oesophagus. Kombucha can also be acidic and commercial varieties may have more sugar than you realise.

Why don't you try… Adding vinegar to your meals in a dressing or marinade instead. This lowers the GI, helping to control blood glucose, and may have gut benefits. I would also love you to add berries or another piece of fruit to boost your antioxidant intake.

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