32 Beautiful Tattoos That Bring Awareness to Autism

Whether you’ve gotten inked or not, it’s easy to appreciate the variety of reasons people get tattoos. Some people decide to get a tattoo to commemorate the life of a loved one who has passed, even sometimes inking something in their handwriting, while others get them to commemorate a special time in their lives. Some people just get tattoos for no other reason than the fact that they can be an artistic outlet and look really awesome.

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Body art can also be a way to bring awareness and attention to causes that matter to them — for example, there is a whole community of people who choose to get tattoos bringing awareness and celebrating loved ones who are autistic. The autism community is a diverse and strong one and that diversity and colorfulness is reflected in the ink.

Keep scrolling for some of the brightest, most meaningful autism tattoos, to bring you both inspiration and awareness about the different ways autism can show up and affect people’s lives. No matter how big or how small, there’s a story behind every single one of these autism tattoos — whether it’s a deeply personal meaning, a special symbol of a beloved child, or a fun little reminder of a special person.


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