The Simple Trick Guy Fieri Relies on To Give Potato Salad Big Flavor

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Potato salad is one of those summer side dishes that people have LOTS of feelings about. From the type of potatoes used (russet? red? Yukon gold?) to the dressing (creamy mayo, or tangy vinegar?), it seems like every decision when making potato salad from scratch is a loaded one. So why not just say “to heck with it,” and try something new for once? Guy on Fire author Guy Fieri has a fun recipe that won’t totally upend your friends’ and family’s ideas of what potato salad is, but with a cooking technique that doubles down on the potato flavor.

The recipe in question? Guy Fieri’s Fried German Potato Salad. If you’ve ever felt like the least interesting part of potato salad was the potatoes themselves, then this recipe might just make you a convert. That’s because the potatoes are par-boiled, then are fried up in rendered bacon fat. Not only does this infuse the potatoes with smoky, savory flavor, but it also helps them get brown and crispy at the edges, which deepens the potato flavor.

As for the dressing, Fieri opts for some boldy flavorful ingredients. First, he deglazes his pan of crispy potatoes and sauteed red onions with red wine vinegar, then adds in some punchy Dijon mustard. The potato salad gets finished right in the skillet with capers, crispy bacon, and lots of black pepper. We think some freshly chopped parsley or chives would be delicious in this dish, too.

Another nice thing about this potato salad? It’s meant to be served warm or at room temperature, which is a lot easier than fretting over keeping your mayo-based potato salad ice cold during a get-together. The next time you’re looking for an easy but flavorful barbecue side dish, try Fieri’s fried German potato salad. Who knows — it might just become your family’s idea of classic.

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