The Official ‘Seinfeld’ Cookbook Featuring Elaine’s Muffin Tops & Soup Nazi-worthy Broths Is Available for Pre-order on Amazon

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We all have that one family member or friend who replaced their own personality with Seinfeld quotes a long time ago. Not only has the show been in syndication for decades, regularly popping up several times a night on various television channels, but it’s also available for streaming now. That means that Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George are near 24/7 fixtures in some homes. If you have one of these Seinfeld-loving folks in your life, or if you yourself take every opportunity for a dramatic entrance to your friend’s apartment, or like to discuss the pros and cons of different babka flavors with anyone who will listen, then the new official Seinfeld cookbook has got to be on your radar.

What’s the deal with these recipes? From black and white cookies to Elaine’s muffin tops, Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook
has recipes for more than 60 of your favorite foods from the show. For recipes that started as a joke, they sure sound tasty. Revenge Lobster Omelet for breakfast, Big Salad for lunch, a dessert of Mackinaw peaches…it sounds delicious even if you aren’t a fan of Seinfeld!

Courtesy of Insight Editions.

Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook


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The book comes out on October 11, making it a perfect holiday gift for the Seinfeld fans in your life. Just think, you’ll finally know just what to get your random cousins and distant aunts and uncles this year. You can pre-order the book here.

What if your loved one is the type who’d rather head to Monk’s than toil away in the kitchen? The book is still full of jokes from the episodes that inspired the recipes, with some fun character extras that will delight die-hard fans, even if they don’t usually cook. Pair the book with a sweet extra so they don’t have to actually bake, like a dozen black and white cookies.

Courtesy of Stern’s Bakery.

Stern's Bakery Black and White Cookies


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Or keep the book for yourself and bake treats for everyone else using the recipes! Either way, Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook is a winner.



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