The Martha Stewart Dinner Recipes You Need to Spice Up Your Weekly Meal Rotation

Martha Stewart’s recipes have been a staple in our houses since we were kids, and much to our relief, the lifestyle Queen is still churning out tasty meal ideas to this day. While we’re more than happy to scarf down her zucchini bundt cake for dessert or sip on a chilled glass of her sangria, what we really rely on Stewart for are her dinner recipes.

We love how Stewart’s dinner recipes are so ingredient-focused. She has a way of turning something simple – like a sandwich – into a dinner party-worthy recipe (we’re looking at you, lobster BLTs!).

If you’ve been in a dinner rut, never fear! Martha Stewart’s best dinner recipes are here to help you. One look at these recipes, and you’ll find yourself ready to run into the kitchen to get cooking.


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