No one has died: Bauer pissed on reactions to milk recall

After on Friday it became known that in a dairy by a defective gasket, diarrhea-causing bacteria were in the milk, two milk producers and their products from different brands call back. That consumers of milk will be stamped as hazardous to health, is the farmer Friedrich Steinmann, a thorn in the eye.

The farmer from Bottrop said to "Bild": "Milk health is not hazardous." There is no food to be better controlled than milk. "Each pick-up, sampled our yard is leaves. Without Ausnahme". On stone’s farm daily for 160 cows to be milked, of which 4500 litres to land in a closed chain in the dairy, where it is cooled up to four degrees.

The milk would have dangerous germs, this would stand out on the same day, said Steinmann, the "Bild". So also on Friday. “We were able to see that the mechanisms work. Since then, the germ has been found in the milk, no one is ill or gestorben", the country said the host.

"Our alert greifen"

For the panic of some, after the incident on Friday, the country has no understanding: &quot host;One or the other the consumer says, of course, now you can drink no more milk. The proportionality just doesn’t fit." Steinmann’m sticking to it: "The milk is well controlled, and our alerts within reach.“

Last week, the milk traders had Deutsches milchkontor (DMK) and the company fat Fude Serrahn due to diarrhea pathogens, certain packs of poor fresh milk from the market. Were affected, among other things, Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Rewe, Kaufland and Netto. The cause of the contamination or a defective seal was.

Dairy-farm warns of germs: “do Not speculate, but simply to the doctor”

FOCUS Online/Wochit dairy operation warns against germs: “do Not speculate, but simply to the doctor”