Martha Stewart Adds Two Secret Ingredients to Her Chicken Pot Pie to Add Lots of Extra Flavor

Chicken pot pie is one of those comforting dishes many home chefs have in their back pockets for chilly winter nights. The flaky crust and savory filling warm your belly and the entire pot pie experience feels like a hug you can eat! Martha Stewart’s chicken pot pie recipe includes two unexpected ingredients you don’t often see in pot pie recipes, but may just take your regular go-to pot pie filling from good to great.

“With its buttery crust and ultra-savory filling, chicken potpie is the ultimate post-holiday comfort food,” the caption of a post on Stewart’s official Instagram account reads. “This version doesn’t stray too far from the classic—in fact, it’s even better, thanks to the inclusion of butternut squash and cremini mushrooms.”

That’s right — alongside the staples (chicken, celery, peas, and leeks), Stewart adds chopped butternut squash and cremini mushrooms to her filling to add a sweet and earthy flavor to the dish.

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Stewart also makes her own crust, too, using a base of brown butter to give the crust a deep, nutty flavor. But, if you’re in a pinch, store-bought pie crust works great, too.

The veggies offcuts and chicken are first cooked in broth for about 20 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked all the way through. Then, the broth is strained and reserved for later while the chopped veggies and chicken are cooked in brown butter until the squash is tender. Flour, wine, and broth from the earlier step are added to thicken the filling and add flavor, and finally, the frozen peas and parsley are mixed in before the entire thing goes into a baking dish.

Cover with the crust and bake until golden brown and the filling bubbles, and try your best to allow the pot pie to cool before you serve. Chances are you’ll never make pot pie without squash and mushrooms ever again! Grab the full recipe here.

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