Joanna Gaines Says Her Ranger Cookies Are ‘All Things to Everybody’ Because They Include Everything but the Kitchen Sink

If regular chocolate chip cookies just aren’t doing it for you these days, then you may want to move on to another cookie recipe that packs a serious punch. Joanna Gaines just showed a clip from her cooking show Magnolia Table in which she makes her go-to Ranger Cookies, which basically have everything but the kitchen sink baked into them.

“The cookie that wants to be all things to everybody. That’s a Ranger Cookie,” Gaines said in the clip. “It’s got a lot of good stuff in it.”

The base of the Ranger Cookie is pretty much the same as a soft-baked chocolate chip cookie — flour, eggs, sugar, etc. (Gaines added a splash of coconut extract alongside the vanilla extract for a bit of extra flavor.) It’s the mix-ins that set the Ranger Cookie apart from the crowd.

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Once the dry ingredients are worked into the wet ingredients, Gaines added old-fashioned oats, rice crisp cereal, sweetened shredded coconut, and chocolate chips into the dough. This collection of ingredients creates more texture and gives every bite crunch, chew, and chocolate.

When the added ingredients are folded in, you’re ready to portion out the cookies and bake!

People in the comments shared what ingredients they put in their Ranger Cookies to make them even more spectacular. One person wrote, “[Cornflakes] was our Texas ranger cookie must-have.” Another added, “The recipe I have is an oldie — calls for “oleo,” and uses nuts instead of chocolate chips. Sooo good!”

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Grab the full recipe over on the Magnolia website and feel free to get creative with the mix-ins to make a cookie that may just put your go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe out of business.

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