Costco Just Added the Most Summery Dessert to Its Bakery Section & We're Stocking Up Now

Summer campouts aren’t complete without a few key ingredients: bug spray, scary stories, and toasted s’mores! The last is a treat we crave all year, but its messy, gooey center is really only designed to be eaten outdoors. If you want an easier to eat version (that’s still just as tasty!), head to Costco’s bakery section. They are now selling s’mores cookies that look out of this world good!

We love finding new twists on chocolate chip cookies, and Costco did not disappoint. Instagram user @costcohotfinds, which is run by a woman named Laura, posted a video of the summery treat on Instagram.

“🤤 SMORE’S Cookies in the Costco Bakery!!!” she captioned the video. “They’re SOFT, chewy and just so delicious!! These are brand new!!!”

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“I spotted s’mores cookies in the Costco bakery. At 24 in a box, they were selling so fast,” she says in the video. “And I could tell as soon as I took them out of the package how soft they were.”

These cookies are $9.99 for a 24-pack of freshly baked cookies, featuring chocolate chips and marshmallows — yum!

Laura also gave a unique tip to make the cookies even more delicious — and more like the campfire version.

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“I put one in the air fryer for a minute, and they came out so gooey and delicious,” she said. “These are dangerous.” Um…genius! And such an easy way to upgrade the already amazing-looking cookies.

In the video, she broke a cookie apart, and you can practically smell the warm marshmallow and melted chocolate as it slowly falls apart in her hands. This looks so incredibly good!

“I need to unfollow before I go broke 😂,” one person joked.

“They are sooo good, especially heated up for like 25 seconds,” another confirmed.

“Not me watching this while at Costco!$! Let me turn back to bakery lol,” someone else wrote.  

Whether you snack on these fresh outta the box (and in the parking lot), or you heat them up a little first, these s’mores cookies are delightful. You’ll definitely want to stock up before they sell out!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below.

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