Bonne Maman's Famous 2023 Advent Calendar Is Finally Available & It Includes New Seasonal Flavors

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For some people, the start of fall is the arrival of the first pumpkin spice lattes. For others, it’s spotting Hallowen decor in Costco for the first time all year. But for breakfast lovers the world over, the way you really know summer is coming to a close is the launch of the new Bonne Maman Jam Advent Calendar. Every year, Bonne Maman releases an advent calendar filled with 24 jars of spreads and honey, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas. Well, the day has finally come: Bonne Maman’s 2023 Limited Edition Advent Calendar is finally available, and you might want to start thinking about getting your sweaters out of storage, because fall and winter are officially on their way.

There are several reasons why we love this advent calendar. First of all, it makes for an amazing gift, because who doesn’t like jam? Add in some artisanal scones, English muffins, or homemade bread, and your gift recipient will really be pleased.

Secondly, it’s just plain delicious. Each advent calendar features limited edition Bonne Maman spreads and jams. This year, the seasonal flavors include Caramel with Cinnamon, Raspberry Chocolate, and Lemon Yuzu.

Finally, we love how gorgeous the calendar is. The 2023 edition features a totally new design and new artwork featuring illustrations of Santa’s Workshop, and each mini glass jam jar lid sports the brand’s distinctive red-checkered lid that’s totally on point for the winter holidays.

Whether you’re buying one for yourself or to give as a gift, you’ll want to act fast, because Bonne Maman’s Limited Edition Advent Calendars tend to sell out pretty early every year. Customers buying the advent calendar on the Bonne Maman website are limited to two per order. The company also says that the jams in the calendar should be eaten before June 2024, but we have a feeling you won’t have to worry about that — these spreads are so tasty, there’s no way they’ll last that long.

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