Bobby Flay’s Green Pea Crostini Appetizer Is So Good It Could Be Served for Dinner

When it’s incredibly hot out, eating a full meal sounds pretty unappetizing. So instead of digging into a filling dish, nibble on a few of Bobby Flay’s pea, ricotta, and mint crostinis, which are appetizers that are good enough to be served as a meal.

Flay teamed up with Misfits Market, a totally organic and sustainable grocery store, to create this app for aperitivo time — that is, the traditional Italian pre-meal drink meant to whet your appetite. Paired with a light Negroni, this crostini recipe is the perfect pre-meal snack or heat wave dinner.

“Okay, time for aperitivo, my favorite part of the day,” Flay said in the video. “I think aperitivo is somewhere between 4 and 6:30, 7 o’clock. The golden hour.”

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The crostini base is a baked ciabatta or baguette that is sliced into slim sections. Flay drizzled a bit of olive oil on his bread along with salt and pepper.

Then, blanch your green peas and mix them with shredded mint, diced chives, lemon zest, salt, pepper, and a dash of olive oil. Spread a dollop of ricotta cheese on your crostini bread, leaving a slight well for the peas to sit in, and then spoon a helping of your dressed peas on top.

Finish the crostini off with yet another drizzle of olive oil to bring everything together — or, as someone in the comments suggested, a drizzle of hot honey would also go so well with this dish.

Flay then shows how to make a light Negroni using Lillet, a wine-based aperitif, and Souz, a bitter made with botanicals, with plenty of ice and gin.

Take a break from the heat, post up in the backyard with your crostini and Negroni before dinner, and fully enjoy what the golden hour has to offer.

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