“Aha!” moment for the eternity

Enjoyable to eat weight to holdAha-experiences for eternity

LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a nine-week pleasure Coaching you can learn to eat for pleasure and to keep your weight. This is the last part. The other parts can be found here.

You have worked now for eight weeks in order, as you more enjoyment, awareness, and acceptance in your eating habits can bring. If you read all the tips and Exercises, you will notice that some of them you might like a particularly easy or Aha-experiences have. Other goods may be for you, too banal, or too difficult.

When it comes to food, people are very different, you will have to contend with various hurdles, and have individual habits. Therefore, we include in this ninth week, all of the tips and Exercises short, we have presented to you. Please have a look at the final list again and consider whether there is a single Change or new feature that you want to retain even after the Coaching. There is a great deal – because who wants to eat with enjoyment and consciousness, benefits the more common the behavior is. So go ahead:

  • Consciously pay attention to what you eat, when, and how you feel physically and emotionally.
  • A Esstagebuch not lead, in the it comes to calorie counting, but about what food tasted and well done, and what kind of food has triggered a sense of uneasy feeling or Body.
  • Exercises to facilitate a mindful attitude of schools and the perception of one’s own feelings and sensations.
  • Emotional eating habits to track down and change.
  • Body dishes, enjoy with all your senses.
  • Enjoy the trappings while eating: shop smart, cook for yourself, with friends or eat alone or on small pleasure and taste tests.
  • Seductions reduce: less Snacks and Sweet shop.
  • Seductions reduce: always delicious, and as healthy as possible food to take away.
  • Seductions reduce: in social situations, consciously observe.
  • Alternatives to food develop do small things, the joy.
  • Hobbies and interests and cultivate, no matter whether culture or Sport – it all helps to enjoy life more. The enjoyment of food is one among several important pleasures.
  • Acceptance practice: against doubt and nagging or your own appearance not acceptable, but the “Monster” hug.
  • Long breath to prove, and small changes continue.

Have you found something that fits you? Well. You agree, at this point, this change for a further three months to maintain. It will do you good.

We wish you much fun when conscious food and Enjoy.

Your Team of MIRROR Know

P. S.: In the next issue of the MIRROR of KNOWLEDGE, we deal with the issue of “objective”. The Bulletin is published on Tuesday, 12. November.

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