Watch Eddie Hall Make a British Pop Star Take on a Strongman Workout

Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall has been on a boxing journey, as he preps to spar with Hafthor ‘Thor’ Björnsson. (Hall recently suffered a detached bicep during a boxing workout, and is currently on the mend after undergoing surgery.) In the meantime, he’s continued to train, including a workout with British-Australian celeb Peter Andre. The duo recently did a boxing workout together, where Hall punched Andre “as hard as possible” in the chest.

The pair is back together for another training session. This time, Hall is taking Andre through a series of strongman events for a workout.

They warm up on an incline bench to warm up their chest. “I’m so scared of getting big,” says Andre. After some light teasing, Hall and his team reassure Andre that unless he eats enough to put on weight and muscle, he has nothing to worry about.

Next, they move on to some iso-lateral rows, then move on to the deadlift before starting the strongman events. The first move is the forward hold.

“It’s all about shoulder and arm power to hold it there as long as you possibly can,” says Hall. He notes that they usually hold 30 kilos (about 66 pounds). For the challenge, Andre is going to hold 10 kilos. He keeps his grip for an impressive 1:09.

For the next event, they go to the yoke carry. “In World’s Strongest Man, you put this up on your back… you’re probably talking between 400 to 600 kilos, so half a ton on your back and run 20 meters on it,” says Hall.

For Andre, he will do 110 kilos (about 242 pounds). He lifts it, and notes, “Ahhhh…. it feels good!” Andre notes that he weighs 76 kilos, while Hall notes that elite level World’s Strongest Man competitors carry around 4 times their body weight.

“Thanks for making me feel better,” says Andre.

Hall challenges Andre to carry double his body weight… and he crushes it.

“That’s good, man!” says Hall.

Finally, they do Atlas stones. Hall gives Andre a lesson in how to properly lift the stone, including applying a tacky substance for some grip. After multiple attempts, he finally nails it.

“I’m going to go for the title of World’s Weakest Man at the moment,” jokes Andre. “But I’m determined to get to World’s Medium Man soon.”

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