This Indian Yogurt Can Help You Lose Weight

There are just tons of weight loss tips and tricks out there and people can’t seem to pick which one would work best for them. What most people need to understand is that by doing regular exercise and proper diet, they would be able to stay healthy, then again for those who wish to shed a couple of pounds, they think that cure or yogurt would actually be a great way to start.

The Magic of Yogurt

It is no doubt that for years now, curd or yogurt has been known as one of those foods that could help with weight loss. It is not just something that would be considered as a sweet treat that is a healthier alternative to ice cream, it is also known for having ingredients that could give the body a lot of health benefits. One of those benefits is the fact that it is one of those superfoods that could make you lose weight. Yogurt has the ability to help the body control the weight by eliminating most of the additional pounds.

Keep in mind that curd or yogurt will not magically make you skinny if you consume it every single day for months. If you want to see fast and better results, then be sure to do proper exercise and to eat only healthy foods. Adding yogurt to your diet would help the body lose more than 61 percent of the body fat, and about 22 percent body weight. This is best for those who are aiming for a flat belly.

The high amount of calcium that can be found in yogurt is actually the secret to its fat burning ability, this is all according to the American Dietetic Association. Curd will be able to help the body keep its BMI levels healthy, which means it will help in case there is a build up of excess body fat. Yogurt is also full of probiotics, which are known for being good bacteria in the stomach. It has the power to keep the digestive tract working smoothly by proving it with good bacteria. This way, the digestive system would be able to break down the food easier and get all the necessary nutrients the food actually provided.

According to researchers, people who are aiming a certain body weight by shedding a few pounds, must consumer about 18 ounces of yogurt, but make sure it is either plain, unsweetened, or fat-free every single day until the ideal weight has been reached. What is so good is that you can actually have it any time of the day, and you can even add some fruits and nuts to it in case you don’t like it plain. However, it all comes down to what kind of yogurt you would be having.

Ideally, Greek yogurt is known to be the best choice when it comes to weight loss, that is because it contains 90 calories with only 7 grams of sugar in it. However, it turns out that there is this Indian kind of yogurt which is also good for weight loss.

Raita For Weight Loss

In India, they have a known condiment known as raita, which is basically made of yogurt that is mixed with cooked or uncooked vegetables. In western culture, it would be known as some sort of dip for cooked sales. Raita is often seasoned with coriander, mint, cayenne pepper and other herbs and species depending on its place of origin. Since it is prepares using yogurt, it is high in protein but it is low on unhealthy fa which makes it good for digestion that leads to weight loss.

According to Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, raitas are filling since it is basically rich in fiber. People often mix raita with cucumber, tomato, pumpkin, potato, and other vegetables. Every raita dish is prepared differently depending on the regions. In some areas in India, it is served with fried gram flour that is paired with onion raita and it is used as a palate cleanser especially with all the spicy dishes. Raita isn’t exactly eaten the same way as yogurts are eaten in western countries, that is because raitas are usually served as a sauce, a side dish, a dip, and a dressing.

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