The Simple Changes That Helped This Fitness Blogger Transform Her Body

Name: Katie Lolas

Age: 32

Occupation: Teacher

Starting weight: 68kgs

Current weight: 73kgs

What prompted you to start your fitness journey was there a particular moment, realisation or goal you had in mind?

I wanted to gain strength and tone up so that I could feel confident, strong and increase my energy levels. I didn’t feel comfortable or confident about my body. I classified myself as ‘skinny-fat’ and I was always tired and injuring my back completing the most simple of household tasks.

What other changes did you initially make to your eating habits?

I saw a nutritionist who assisted me to pin-point what changes I needed to make. I started by increasing my daily water and fibre intake. I then began to include a source of natural protein within each snack and meal. This helped to sustain my energy levels and extinguish my sugar cravings between each meal. Overall, I was eating more regularly and making healthier choices.

What other changes did you initially make to your exercise habits?

I was introduced to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and started training using weights through Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide Program (BBG). This helped me tone up and build muscle. Prior to using this program my exercise regime consisted of pilates reformer classes and cardio, such as running, walking etc.

How did your fitness progress?

I essentially lost weight, before slowly building muscles. My shape has changed quite drastically, but it has been quite steady and sustained progress. My waist is much more toned, my posture has improved and my arms and legs are more defined.

✨Consistency Over Perfection – Every.Single.Time ✨ What keeps me consistent? For those that have been following me for a while, you’d know my physical form has been fairly consistent for the past two years, so from experience here are some tips that may help you stay on track to achieve your goals. 1. Prepare yourself mentally for a lifestyle change. If being healthy and fit is something you desire, you must accept the reality that you probably won’t reach your goal body after 12 weeks (I’m sure some people do, but I know I certainly didn’t). Change takes time and you must mentally prepare to persist! 2. Create routine. At the beginning of each week I commit to an exercise routine by writing down each planned workout in my diary. Not only does this assist to structure my week, but it also facilitates a mental commitment. I also allocate grocery shopping and meal-prep time, so there is minimal opportunity for excuses. 3. Share your goals with your friends and family. The more support you have the easier your journey will be and if people aren’t going to be supportive, it’s time to show them the door. 4. Find an accountability partner. It could be your partner or a friend, but It needs to be someone you can be completely honest with and you know will always support you to refocus your goals and sometimes even tell you the things you don’t want to hear, but need to. For the past two years I’ve checked in daily with @x.zxena.x who lives in London. We share our weekly goals, daily exercise calorie burn and sometimes even our food diary via whatsapp. She helps me focus on the big picture and reminds me not to sweat the small stuff. 5. Be kind to yourself. Let’s be real, life is tough. Reward yourself regularly and aim to be balanced. Most of us have full-time jobs and a family and friends to maintain. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You are beautiful, you are worthy and you are enough, always ❤️. Xx

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What changes made the most difference?

It was a mixture of eating a healthy and balanced diet and incorporating regular exercise into my regime. However, it was the HIIT and weights that really helped me to tone and build muscle.

How did you feel during the process?

It was difficult at first because I was tired and my muscles were constantly sore, but once I created a routine and started stretching regularly, the muscle soreness became manageable and I started to appreciate the endorphin rush and muscle gains, especially because my overall shape was slowly changing.

What helped to keep you motivated?

A combination of a few things; but setting goals has always played a huge part in keeping me focused and motivated. At one point, I was ‘shredding for my wedding’. Another goal I had was to sign up for a full-Tough Mudder, which I completed over the weekend and now I am working towards re-defining my abs before Christmas. I also think it is important to make exercise fun. Finding exercises that I have been able to enjoy has helped the longevity of my lifestyles changes. But, above everything, making physical activity part of my daily routine has been paramount in staying focused because I believe it’s impossible to always be motivated, so it’s important to learn to be disciplined. I have a realistic weekly training schedule and that I can stick to a very high majority of the time.

What would a day on a plate look like for you now?

I meal-prep my breakfast, snacks and lunches during the week, which I share on my Instagram page.

Sunday organisation be like ✅ ✅✅. . Prep includes: . ❤️BREAKFAST – overnight oats – ingredients include: rolled oats, 1 tbs @tropeaka lean vanilla protein power, mango, blueberries, cashew nuts and chia seeds w/ A2 milk. . ?MORNING SNACK – @yoproau YoPro yoghurt and a piece of fruit ? . . ?LUNCH – Poke bowl ? ingredients include: grilled salmon, egg noodles, edamame, carrot, cucumber, seaweed salad, pickled ginger, dried seaweed and lite homemade wasabi mayo. . ?AFTERNOON SNACK – @bounce_aus plant power protein snack ???. . ❤️DINNER – Made fresh each night. Comment below if you want me to show you what I eat on my insta story. . ?AND use hashtag #LLmealprep when you post your prep or use one of my recipes so I can share it on my story ❤️. . . Happy Sunday guys.? I’m off to the beach xx

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An average day for me, would look something like this:

Breakfast – an overnight oats combination, which always includes, oats, fruit and a source of protein.

Morning snack – usually a tub of high protein, low sugar yoghurt and a piece of fruit.

Lunch – I try to ensure my lunches are full of colourful vegetables, protein and source of low GI carbohydrates. This week I have meal prepped marinated BBQ chicken, tabouli and hummus. Last week I made low-carb eggplant lasagna with a tomato and rocket salad.

Afternoon snack – protein bar or shake.

Dinner – Grilled salmon and wild rice with steamed greens

I consciously choose not to count calories because I know it would be terrible for my mental health and I don’t want to be fixated or obsessed with numbers of any sort.  It’s possible to learn how to  make balanced and healthy food choices without counting calories and still achieve your goals.

I've decided to have a dairy-free week (already having Chobani yoghurt cravings ?). My stomach has been slightly more unsettled than usual and with my wedding fast approaching I just don't have time to deal with an upset stomach. I'd also like to note that I have a confirmed dairy intolerance ?, so I know that's what's been irritating me because I've certainly been exceeding my threshold (I'm just a sucker for cheese ???). Anyway, hope these dairy-free snack options are of use to some of you xx ?Breakfast – overnight oats w/lite soy milk, strawberries, blueberries, 1 scoop of LSA, cashew nuts and 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder by @natural_health_company ?Morning snacks – homemade blueberry chia seed pudding made with coconut milk and tiny bit of maple syrup ? and a banana ? ?Lunch – teriyaki chicken oven bake with snow peas, carrots, edamame, broccoli and sesame seeds ?? Bounce ball to finish ? ?Afternoon snacks – homemade hummus, w/ carrot sticks and a granny-smith apple if I still need something to tide me over until the end of my working day. ?Dinner – ya'll know the deal – fresh on my instastory? #LLMealprep – share it, tag it ?

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What is your current exercise routine?

A combination of Kayla’s new BBG stronger program, found on the Sweat App and F45 HIIT training.

How has your attitude towards the scales changed?

I’ve stopped defining my worth by my weight. I weigh more now than I ever have in my entire life and I also look and feel much better about myself. I judge my progress by the way that I fit into my clothing and the way that I feel.

What advice would you give to others wanting to do the same?

Stop weighing yourself immediately. Set small realistic goals. Create a routine and don’t stop trying until you’re proud of yourself. Perseverance and balance are key.

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