Suggestive messages: When Sexting is about more than just Sex

Sexting can make a boring day a Lot more exciting.

Sometimes there are Singles, which are fuelling a Flirt with a one – to two ambiguous messages, and other times couples hold during the day, with the erotically tinged Messages contact.

But not always it is simply a question of what is being said into practice.

Why send people lewd messages?

In a recent study, which appeared in the magazine ‘Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality’, were evaluated the responses of 160 people aged between 18 and 69 years of age, to explore their motives for Sexting.

The researchers identified three motives and consequences: 58 Respondents indicated that they sexten, to have finally, actually, Sex.

54 people said that the Sexting to strengthen your connection to your Partner by sharing in common experiences plays or fantasies.

48 participants of the survey stated that they sexten, ultimately, to feel better, because the message is improved, your body feeling and your self-esteem.

So it’s one-on-one Sex, but also intimacy and emotions.

And leads to Sexting and actually Sex? A study from the year 2018, published in the magazine ‘Computers in Human Behavior’, revealed that the Sexter were more satisfied with their sex life. Those who wrote many suggestive messages, cut off however, when the relationship satisfaction poor.

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The appeal of the Sextings

The Kinsey Institute is interested in the hot news and found out in 2017 as part of a survey that 74 percent of the respondents had already exchanged Sexnachrichten with the Partner.

Who receives SMS or other text messages, experienced a brief dopamine rush, women also Oxitocyn will be distributed. This explains how Sexting in depth on the content of the messages, the emotional attachment and the recipient to more starves.

Sexting can also be a relatively safe way to Express hidden desires and to test the extent to which it is sexually compatible, and what we could try each other everything.

The other time to jump not so out as hoped, that is less hurtful than if the same thing happens in conversation, or even in bed.


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