Pollen Allergy: Can of Gin and Tonic hay fever relieve?

If anyone needs a good reason to enjoy a Gin and Tonic – here it is.

The long drink to relieve the symptoms of hay fever. So the summer makes twice as much fun, especially for Allergy sufferers.

Hay fever and alcohol mix poorly

Running nose, sore throat, watering eyes, the head aches, nor feel Allergy sufferers are often tired when especially in the spring and summer, the Pollen fly. The best weather is in agony.

Experts recommend sufferers to avoid alcohol at this time, because it can worsen the symptoms. Especially beer and red wine to avoid pollen Allergy.

The reason for this is, however, less of the alcohol than the Histamine, which arise in the manufacture of beverages with yeast and bacteria.

Who has hay fever, is formed in contact with Pollen body own histamine, this triggers the hay fever symptoms. The last thing Allergy sufferers need is even more histamine.

However, in particular a beverage seems to be the exception, and only rarely for problems: Gin and Tonic.

Why is Gin and Tonic the exception?

A study by Asthma UK shows that 75 percent of the respondents asthmatics and Allergy sufferers get worse symptoms due to alcohol. In the first line of dark, fermented drinks are the culprit, because they contain a lot of Histamines and sulfites.

Clear alcohol such as Gin and vodka preparing these problems, the scientists from Asthma UK.

Especially Gin is, in most cases, sulfite-free, or arm, and, more recently, more vodka manufacturer, make sure, the sulfite values as low.

Who does not want to abandon despite the pollen Allergy to alcohol, should resort to a Gin and Tonic. He does not relieves the symptoms that aggravated you but at least.

Those looking for a glass of wine, should make sure that the wine contains little or no sulfite.

Generally speaking, the advice applies also to continue to drink alcohol in moderation and responsibly.


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