Parents worry: the sick?

As long as the phone remains in the evening in the nursery? Which Apps can be downloaded? In many families, the Smartphone is a big topic of debate.

Background the concern of the parents is that the long hours of tapping away, or Consume by Youtube & Co. has a negative impact on the health of their offspring.

The findings of a Forsa survey conducted on behalf of the Commercial health insurance KKH.

As a result, half of the approximately 1000 respondents, mothers, and fathers feared to be an addiction-like use of the smartphone, as well as concentration disorders (44 percent), and lack of exercise (38 percent) as the possible negative consequences for the 10 – to 18-year-old daughters and sons seen.

Smartphones provide new disease images

The Concerns of the parents are entitled to, said the KKH psychologist Franziska Klemm on Thursday in Hanover. In fact, there is evidence that more and more children and young people suffer from diseases, which were previously rather unusual.

Examples of motor disorders, sleep disorders or obesity i.e. extreme Obesity, had. In the evaluation of the data from 6 – to 18-year-old KKH-Insured was in voice and speech disorders in 2018, the highest increase compared to 2008 was recorded.

“The fact that the suffers from speech and language development, has also to do with how parents communicate with their children,” said neuroscientist Martin Korte of the Technical University of Braunschweig.

It is important that children see the face and mouth of the parents when they speak with you. This is not possible if the parents were sitting all the time behind your devices or on the Playground constantly filmed.

Parents also need to be in terms of mobile phone usage model

The professional Association of child and youth doctors, advocates, under the age of Three completely of screen media to stay away. Parents should set a good example and Smartphone & Co. never out of boredom to use.

“Play with real things, Speak, read, Art, Outdoor exercise, Sleep and school are often ignored”, see the physician as the shadow side of the digitization.

The KKH survey shows that 80 percent of parents have set family rules for Smartphone usage of your child, 63 percent of these are time window and cell phone-free zones, such as at the dining table.

46 percent before to give a time limit, 31 per cent regularly check the devices. During the Corona pandemic, almost all of the mothers and fathers reported a more intensive use, the majority found, however, in order, even so the children were able to stay in touch with friends.

“It is part of the educational responsibilities of parents to provide, when On – and Off-times are,” said neurobiologist Korte. For brain development, it is important to acquire in spite of Google still Know.

“The more we know, the more differentiated we look at the world and the better we can assess, for example, what is Fake News.”

Korte, according to spend, according to studies from the U.S., eleven-year-olds, on average, approximately six hours per day in front of a variety of devices. While young to gamble, especially on a girl usually on social media.

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