Nutri-Score: food watch is pushing for an EU-wide mandatory nutrition Logo

The consumer organization food watch urges binding targets for the use of the colored nutrition Logos Nutri-Score in the EU.

“Only when the light is on all products, and consumers can make consumers always the healthier choice,” said Foodwatch expert Luise Molling from the German press Agency.

The Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) had to use the German EU-presidency, “to make up for the mandatory Nutri-Score strong in Europe”.

Some manufacturers would use the label voluntarily.

Klöckner had determined after a long dispute with clearer labels for sugar, fat and salt in ready-made products on the French System.

She has now sent an Ordinance for approval to the EU Commission, which aims to create a legal framework for voluntary use in Germany – in addition to the EU-wide nutritional value, is mandatory table.

Nutri-Score is related to values components, such as dietary fiber and proteins is a recommend in a overall rating, and then specifies a single value – on a five-point scale from “A” on a dark green field for the most favorable balance sheet on a yellow “C” to red “E” for the worst.

Molling said, so that consumers on the package could front at a glance, how balanced or unbalanced is a food and products easy to compare.

Information on the individual nutritional values are still to be found in the table on the back of the packaging.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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