No calories: How well konjac noodles help with weight loss?

Low calorie, low carb, and versatile: konjac noodles have experienced lately a real Hype. The Pasta, which is made from the flour of the konjac root, is often advertised as a “Slimming noodle”, because it contains the dietary fiber Glucomannan, the body can not utilize.

Thus, 100 grams of konjac come pasta to just a mere nine calories. For comparison, Pasta is made from durum wheat has approximately 160 calories. Another advantage is that The noodles from Asia points with zero grams of carbohydrates and are therefore perfect for a Low Carb or Keto diet.

High-fiber Glucomannan lasts a long time sick of it

An ingredient that makes the pasta particularly exciting for all slimming Glucomannan comply to:. The fiber can absorb 50 times its own mass of water. Due to the swelling in the stomach, the noodles make full longer.

This can help you to eat less and thus save calories. Replacing pasta Spaghetti or Penne with the Konjac, can you save per court, up to 400 calories and be easy to calorie deficit to comply with.

First sounds not bad. However, there is a Problem: “The noodles are low in energy, but hardly any other nutrients,” says Sabine Hülsmann of the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern.

In the longer term, you should not therefore rely on konjac noodles – apart from the fact that the konjac noodles from the supermarket to go with about three to four euros per Serving neatly to the money.

As with all calorie-reduced foods, the danger is that the saved calories are otherwise balanced, there is also Shirataki with a rich sauce, neatly cheese or a sugary dessert, you can treat yourself in the connection.

For sustainable and long-term Slimming noodle products are, therefore, full grain is better. They have more calories, but also contain filling fiber and also more important minerals and healthy B-vitamins.

Another Option is Kicherbsen Pasta legumes: For example, pea pasta or lentil pasta. It is made with complex carbohydrates and high in protein – ideal for recovery and muscle building.

The preparation of Shirataki succeed

Konjac noodles are a good fit for Asian dishes. They can be found in Asian stores or good supermarkets to sort out.

Shirataki noodles are Packed in liquid that smells slightly fishy. That is the natural smell of the konjac root. After thorough Rinsing with water, the smell disappears but.

The noodles do not need to be as conventional Pasta cooked. It is enough if you are prepared for a couple of minutes in boiling water or in the pan. You can then be processed as usual Pasta dishes, vegetable pans or salads.

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