My bed, your bed!: To sleep 6 reasons to separate from your Partner

It is usual to sleep as a Couple in a shared bed: Only in the beginning of the 19th century. Century, during the Biedermeier era, has surrendered to this Convention.

Since then, separate bedrooms, however, have an extremely bad reputation – you earn may not be.

Here are six reasons for two single beds.

1. You don’t have the same sleep rhythm

The a remains up in the dolls awake while the other is in the morning have to get up early.

One would like to read before Sleeping for a bit, while the other can only fall asleep if a TV is on. Such examples are many.

With separate bedrooms, it is no Problem to meet your own individual needs. This prevents dispute and in a bad mood the next Morning.

2. The snoring escape

If someone snores in the same room, falling Asleep to the impossibility.

The Problem: snoring is not uncommon. Thus, the nervien noise will not be a burden on your relationship can be a two – bedroom makes sense-at least, if even earplugs help.

3. More Lust on each other

Couples that have been in a relationship from time to time, a distance from each other, get more Lust.

A separate bedroom could be – contrary to all prejudices – even more fire in the bed.

The common time together in bed is then to be something very Special.

4. Restless Sleep

This constant Back – and-Herwälzen of the partner or the partner is not bear to. Unfortunately, there are simply people who have an extremely restless sleep.

You should be the loud Wheezing or talk in your sleep, however in the best case not affect.

5. To small bed

You belong to those, which occupy a lot of space in bed and this for a healthy, deep sleep, but unfortunately, only a 140 cm wide bed have? You’re not alone.

A small bed is for many a reason, to be able to not well in addition to your Partner or your partner’s sleep.

But maybe this is in this listing is the smallest Problem, because the solution is simple: A two-Meter-wide bed with two mattresses. But, when the snores of the Partner*in, agitates, or a different sleep rhythm.

6. Time time for yourself

Especially if you have kids, you are rarely alone. To come to rest, to mentally shut down and recharge the batteries for the Power, then the Gold value.

It has it’s own retreat, a bedroom, alone, can help.

Women sleep alone better anyway

It is believed a biologist, John Dittami, and a team of researchers from the University of Vienna, published in 2007, the study “gender differences of the circadian clock to the ambient stimuli” behavior as a separate place to sleep is alone by the differences in the sexes makes sense.

Because the results showed that the inner clock is ticking in women’s and men’s anyway not the same.

Women sleep thus without a Partner, anyway better, of men with partner on the side.


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Judith Kerstgens

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