Just a really joyful round-up of all the best reactions to the Lionesses’ win

From a press conference dance party to Gabby Logan’s rousing sign-off, here are all the best reactions to the Lionesses’ win against Germany in the 2022 Women’s Euro final.

They’ve only gone and done it. After six incredible games – and years of waiting – the Lionesses have claimed their first Women’s Euro victory.

In a nail-biting match that went to extra time, the team hung on to claim a 2-1 win against Germany thanks to incredible goals from Ella Toone and Chloe Kelly. It was, for want of a better phrase, bloody amazing.

If there’s one thing we’re a fan of here at Stylist, it’s seeing women being able to celebrate their achievements – and seeing so many people cheering the team on was the cherry on top of the cake.

So, to give you the chance to soak up all the joy from yesterday’s match, we’ve put together this round-up of all the best reactions to England’s historic win.  

  • Press conference dance party

    If one thing’s for sure, the Lionesses weren’t about to stop a press conference from getting in the way of their celebrations. This clip of the team dancing around their manager Sarina Wiegman is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

  • Shania Twain and a record-breaking attendance

    Last night’s match broke records for the highest-ever attendance (87,192 people) at any men’s or women’s Euro final – and Shania Twain made sure everyone knew it. 

  • Gabby Logan signing off in style

    Gabby Logan’s sign-off at the end of the BBC’s Euro coverage is going viral – and for good reason. Not only did she pay tribute to the Lionesses’ success (including the record-breaking numbers of people watching in the stadium at home), but she acknowledged what needed to happen next to ensure women’s football goes from strength to strength.

    “To really move the sport on, we need you,” she said. “If you’ve enjoyed it, get yourself along to a WSL game this season, even if you only go to one or two. The Lionesses have brought football home – now it’s down to the rest of us to make sure it stays here. Think it’s all over? It’s only just begun.” 

  • Chloe Kelly getting carried away

    As the scorer of the winning second goal, Chloe Kelly wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of her celebrations – including a post-match interview. This clip of her getting carried away by Sweet Caroline is probably one of our favourites from yesterday. 

  • Miranda Hart on how inspirational the team are

    One of the best parts of last night’s game was seeing so many young girls in the crowds, and the comedian Miranda Hart nailed just how powerful this kind of representation can be in an emotional tweet. 

  • Alex Scott’s powerful reminder

    Amid the jubilance of last night’s win, former Lioness Alex Scott took a moment to remind audiences of the struggle women in football continue to fight behind the scenes.

    Speaking on BBC One, she said: “Let’s just remind as well, back in 2018 we were begging people to host games in their stadiums for these Euros and so many people said no. I hope you’re all looking at yourselves right now because you weren’t brave enough to see the vision.”

    Asked about the disappointment surrounding the size of some of the stadiums used for this year’s tournament, she added: “I had a conversation yesterday. I’m not standing up at corporate events in front of sponsors anymore begging for them to get involved in the women’s game because you know what? If you’re not involved, you’ve missed the boat, you’ve missed the train. Because look at this… it has finally left the station and it is gathering speed.” 

  • When news spread to the Commonwealth Games

    It wasn’t just the crowds gathered in the stadium and around TV screens that celebrated the Lionesses’ win – as you can see from the above clip, the crowds at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham also took the chance to cheer on the team from a distance. 

  • Messages on the Tube

    It didn’t take long after the Lionesses’ win for All On The Board to post its own message of support on Twitter celebrating the victory.

    “It came home!” the sign reads. “Congratulations to the Lionesses for bringing it home, England are so proud of all of you; you are all legends and have written your names down in history with brave, dynamic performances in this tournament, and you deserve to lift the trophy and be crowned as the winners of UEFA Women’s Euro final 2022.” 

  • Leah Williamson on the game’s legacy

    Last night’s game will have a massive impact on the future of woman’s football in England – and the Lionesses’ captain, Leah Williamson, summed it up brilliantly in this post-match interview with Sky Sports.

    “We knew what we came to do and we were going to love every second of it – and that’s what just happened out there, 23 players who loved every second of that,” she said. “I was reflecting on it yesterday and I think the legacy of this tournament is the societal change – this feels like a bit of a ‘99 America moment, in terms of we’re a home nation that’s just done that in front of 87,000 people. I think it’s really, really powerful what we’ve just done.” 

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