Date of service and duration of prescription: The changes for patients by 2020

Months-long Wait for a doctor’s appointment? This is supposed to be 2020 finally over – thanks to the new rules, the so-called appointment service.

Around doctor’s visits, pharmacies, and health insurance consumers have to adjust to in the new year on further Changes.

Which explains Westphalia consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia.

1. One number for all Doctors

Help in finding a specialist, the date of service of the payment offices, medical associations have always been.

But at the turn of the year, the range will be extended and unified nationwide: Who needs an appointment can, in the future, call around the clock 116 117. For more than four weeks, patients will have to not wait, regardless of whether it’s a tray-, home -, or pediatrician, for the duration of supply.

The service should help, also, in acute cases, on the weekend, for example.

2. Duration recipes for the chronically Ill

Under certain conditions, patients with a nursing degree or chronic illnesses can get to the doctor in the future, a so-called repetition regulation.

Advantage: Is a pack of empty, it is not necessary to run the clinic, but the medicine at the pharmacy simply hand over, depending on the regulation, up to four Times.

3. New and more extensive Fund benefits

For dentures, there is a new Fund soon, a little more grant – namely, 60 instead of 50, with a bonus booklet of up to 75 percent. The regulation comes into force in October 2020.

And: fat 2020 Fund performance – but only on a trial basis and only under certain conditions of suction. The Fund should in the future pay in the case of patients with severe lipedema, a fat propagating disturbance, the so-called Aspiration.

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4. On The Side Of Caution

Women between the ages of 20 and 65 are invited from 2020 onwards, every five years, by Post, to a screening test for cervical cancer.

And also the retirement offer itself has to change a little: For women between the ages of 20 and 34, there is – as previously – once a year, the so-called Pap-Test. 35 a new, every three years, offered a combination of inquiry is intended to replace the previous annual Test.

5. What’s new in the pharmacy

Since the end of October 2019, pharmacies are allowed to offer at any time offered services – so far, that was only in justified individual cases. New 2020 will be the opportunity to be in the pharmacy a flu shot, but only in the context of regional model experiments.

And in the case of prescription medicines is a small it is little more expensive, especially in health insurance: emergency services surcharge increases from 16 to 21 cents, in the case of documentation of drugs such as narcotics are in the future 4,26 instead of 2.91 euros.

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