Bad breath: the smell of the mouth under the mask: causes and help

The least other then, if you smell from the mouth.

The theme is loaded with shame and more of a taboo – in this case, each Second and has this nasty Problem.

Since due to the Corona pandemic is a mask of duty, are more and more people by the Wearing of a mouth guard in their mouth, smell carefully, because the exhaled air is jammed behind the mask and out through the nose again inhaled.

This seems to have the sale of chewing gum greatly stimulated: During the Corona pandemic is the consumption in Europe has increased in the United States and Asia, to seven per cent, it says.

So mouth odor

The technical term for bad breath is ‘Halitosis’. This happens when the ratio of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria is unbalanced in the mouth.

This is the case, if the aerobic bacteria, which do not get along, unlike the anaerobic bacteria without oxygen, death.

The anaerobic, odor-forming bacteria make it into the spaces between the teeth and other hard-to-reach areas in the mouth easily and feed on food residues.

Also, bacteria from the stomach, the kidneys, the liver or the paranasal sinuses can cause an unpleasant smell. Sometimes it comes not from the mouth but from the stomach. Therefore, one should rule out any stomach problems, if you want to go to the exact root cause.

These are the most common causes of mouth odor

Over 90 percent of the Affected bacteria in the mouth or throat are the cause of bad breath. In Detail, the following things are responsible for this.

Lack Of Oral Hygiene

The more food scraps are present in the mouth, the better the bacteria can feed and multiply. That is why oral hygiene is so important.

Even if the teeth are regularly cleaned, bad breath can arise. Because there are areas that the bristles of a toothbrush do not get.

Here, bacterial plaque can form, which can start to smell then. You should floss in addition to brushing regularly to dental and mouth rinsing solution grab.

With a tongue scraper can also prevent the tongue makes for a bad breath.

Regular professional tooth cleaning at the dentist is recommended, in order to let hard-to-reach Places to clean.

Morning Breath

If over night-less saliva is produced, this leads to a poorer removal of bacteria in the oral cavity, which in turn is responsible for the early-morning halitosis.

The smell of the mouth after eating

Also, certain foods can lead to halitosis, such as onions and garlic, but also stimulants like tobacco, coffee and alcohol.

The smell of the mouth due to medication

There are drugs that promote halitosis. On the package insert dry mouth is listed in these cases, often as a side effect.

With the regular intake of iron preparations, mouth odor can be a consequence.

Mouth odor can also be due to illness

The above-mentioned causes of mouth odor are the most common and fix is also the most easily. Bad breath in addition to Tooth and gum disease, but also have organic and even psychological causes. In these cases, a doctor must be consulted, because the mouth odor is only a Symptom of a disease.

Mouth odour-causing diseases at the end of the tooth

In the case of dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and the Like may occur particularly unpleasant mouth odor, as this has mostly bacterial causes on a larger scale. Dental disease is the way to the dentist inevitable.

After adequate treatment has been done also the accompaniment of the smell of the mouth usually. A good oral maintain health, at least on an annual prophylaxis by a dentist is advisable.

Organic causes of mouth odor

While in the mouth and throat caused mouth odor usually slightly putrid smell, an acidic smell to a deep-seated Problem. Because the digestive tract can odors that are streamed through the esophagus and finally, via the mouth.

A kidney disease also affect the smell of the air exhaled. This then often a urine or ammonia-like smell.

Psychological Causes

A nervous stomach due to Stress is an example of this is that the smell of the mouth can also have psychological causes.

Here helps only to grab the Bad – the Stress at the root, instead of fighting the symptoms.

So to get rid of bad breath

Depending on the cause, a different approach is needed. In most cases, good oral hygiene helps but. This means, brushing your teeth in the Morning through the use of dental floss to extend mouthwash and a tongue scraper.

A constantly dry mouth is the Problem – snore are affected by this often – so you can try his saliva flowing.

By citrus fruits, vegetables and fiber-rich diet can succeed in this. Also, sugar-free chewing gum chewing and drinking enough water, stimulates the production of saliva.

Anyone who constantly suffers from bad breath, should be less often resort to tobacco, coffee, alcohol, garlic, and co. and see if anything improves.

Directly after the consumption of halitosis-causing foods can help the thyme, mint, parsley, chewing gum and chewable tablets.

Despite a chronically bad breath to notice, should be consulted in any case a doctor.


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