According to Tönnies scandal: Can be transmitted the Coronavirus to meat products?

More than 1,300 employees of the meat establishment Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany have been infected with the novel Coronavirus.

This not only brings the General Confidence regarding the control of brought infection rate to falter, but fuelled doubts about the safety of meat consumption and raises fundamental questions about the conditions in slaughterhouses.

Coronavirus: contamination of food is possible

The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) investigated the case and confirmed that the contamination of meat during processing is theoretically possible.

This subsequently leads to an infection of the consumer, is, however, unlikely.

Because “corona virus can not multiply in or on foods, you need a living animal or human host,” says Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel, President of BfR.

Infection by the consumption of contaminated meat be the BfR is so far not known.

Lubrication infections caused by the consumption of meat is unlikely

By directly Sneezing or coughing on the meat, this can be theoretically contaminated.

The period of time between the contamination in the slaughterhouse and the contact of the consumers, however, would be for a smear infection in the rule is too large.

Retail spray protect before it is also protection as well as mouth-nose protection masks.

The BfR comes to the conclusion that the “Transmission through the consumption of meat” to date, no significant role to play.

Also in the preparation of hygiene rules

Who is unsettled, despite the all-clear by the BfR should be careful when shopping, as well as in the preparation of foodstuffs, on the hygiene rules in force to protect against the Coronavirus.

The cards you should wash your hands and disinfect and, if possible, from the face keep away from.

The meat should be heated also even for at least two minutes to at least 70 degrees, any germs immediately, and to make it harmless, experts recommend.


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Kimberly Papenthin

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