According to experts, This factor is influenced by where the body fat

The study with approximately 360,000 participants was conducted by the University of Uppsala and in the journal ‘Nature Communications’ published.

Mathias Rask-Andersen, the lead author of the study, explains the Background to the investigation in a message: “We know that women and men tend to store fat differently, women store it more on the hips and legs, while men tend to have fat around the belly more enriching,” he says.

“This was attributed to the effects of sex hormones such as Estrogen. However, the molecular mechanisms that control this phenomenon are quite unknown,” the scientist continued.

In order to examine this more closely, it was determined the body fat distribution of the participants by using impedance measurements – i.e., measurements of the electrical resistance when current is passed through the body.

Many genes fat distribution responsible

The researchers used data from a British cohort study, called “Biobank.”

With these records, millions of genetic variants in the entire genome on the distribution of fat in arms, legs or torso were studied.

The research team identified almost a hundred genes which affect the distribution of adipose tissue in the different cells of the human.

Huge differences between the sexes

Particularly striking is the significant difference between men and women according to the study.

“We were impressed by the large number of genetic effects in women may be either more, or even just in the case you present,” says co-author Åsa Johansson.

Fat regions have different effects

In which region of the body fat, especially stored, has an impact on your health, as previous studies have shown.

So fat was taken at the Po, for example, with a generally increased risk of disease and belly fat with cardiovascular disease.

Other studies have also shown that women have the ability to save, instead of on the belly, more hips and legs around the fat, a certain natural protection against cardiovascular disease.

The study can contribute according to the authors, to develop new drugs that prevent the above mentioned problems.

“The biological systems that we highlight in our study, have the potential to be a starting point for new medicines, with the aim to improve the distribution of body fat in order to reduce the risk of disease,” says Mathias Rask-Andersen.

Judith Kerstgens

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