8 of the best YouTube fitness channels for home workouts (whatever your body shape or ability)

Get stronger and more powerful from the comfort of your own living room, thanks to this excellent bunch of fitness YouTubers.

Going to the gym isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still work out. There are multiple ways you can get a good workout without having to leave the comfort of your own home or paying pricey fees (we’re looking at you, boutique gyms). 

If you’re someone who loves going to gym classes or working out with an instructor guiding you on what to do, then you probably tried at least one home workout video via YouTube during lockdown. And with the cost of living crisis hitting us all in different ways, some of us will be looking back to those pandemic habits as a way of saving cash.

YouTube workouts are cost-effective, short and practical for those of us who don’t like working out in public. Oh, and there’s a variety of different workouts and trainers to choose from. Whether it’s yoga, dance routines, ab and core classes or no-equipment cardio sessions, there’s a workout for all bodies, tastes and abilities. What’s not to love?  

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There’s just one tiny problem: with so many channels and workouts to choose from, deciding where to start can be overwhelming. To help separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve compiled an inclusive and diverse list of 10 of the best female fitness YouTube channels to follow for home workouts, and there’s a channel for everybody.  

  • Diverse Personal Training

    Run by Natasha, an Australian weight-inclusive PT, Diverse Personal Training aims to challenge “mainstream concepts and societal norms regarding health, exercise and wellbeing” by providing an assortment of different workouts such as stretching, strength, cardio, chair-based workouts, injury-friendly workouts and even bed-based workouts for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities. 

    Natasha is all about exercising and moving for joy, so she makes a real effort to ensure that no one is excluded from the channel. Tune in to enjoy her humorous and effective workouts. Need more? Sign up for the Diverse Personal Training Patreon.

  • Chloe Ting

    If you’re a fan of YouTube workout videos, then you might already be part of Ting’s 24.3 million subscriber-strong platform. 

    Providing a plethora of full-body workouts, her channel is perfect for anyone looking for a quick exercise session to squeeze into their busy schedules, as her videos rarely last longer than 20 minutes.

    Looking for a challenge? Ting regularly posts two-week cardio programmes and ab challenges. Get ready to feel the burn. 

  • Lita Lewis

    From HIIT and core sessions to workouts inspired by Usain Bolt, Lita Lewis’s workout videos are guaranteed to make you sweat.

    The certified online trainer offers a range of videos, from short form-checks to lengthier full-body workouts.

  • Holly Honjo

    Fitness may have been traditionally dominated by smaller, able-bodied people, but that’s gradually changing. 

    Holly Honjo is on a “personal quest to get healthy and fit”, and as part of that journey, she’s sharing her accessible workouts with her 140,000 subscribers. Honjo posts a mix of full-body workouts, upper-body workouts, yoga workouts, core workouts, 30-day challenges and much more. Her channel is proof that fitness comes in all shapes, abilities, ages and time constraints.

  • Blogilates

    Run by certified pilates and fitness instructor Cassey Ho, the Blogilates YouTube channel specialises in short workouts and daily challenges that focus on specific parts of the body including thighs, abs, arms and glutes. 

    These pilates-focused sessions are well suited to anyone wanting to build strength, and there are also some cardio workouts for anyone hoping to get sweaty.  

  • Joyn

    Are you someone who often finds working out boring? Can’t stand doing burpees and lunges? Wish fitness was little less serious? Then this body-inclusive, female-led fitness channel may be the one for you. 

    While Joyn offers numerous classic cardio and toning workouts for multi-sized women, it also offers plenty of dance workouts led by YouTubers, including dancing queen Chasi Jernigan, who’s all about dancing for fitness.

     Claiming to provide joyful movement for everybody, Joyn brings you body-inclusive, encouraging and kick-ass movement classes. 

  • Toni Mitchell

    If you live in a flat, you’ll know how awkward at-home workouts can be. You spend half the class worrying about your downstairs neighbours and the other half struggling to create enough space to move at all.

    If that sounds familiar, Toni Mitchell is the YouTuber for you. She’s all about no-jump cardio, low-impact workouts and stretch routines that require minimal space and no equipment. With groovy soundtracks and rest options, Mitchell’s time-effective home workouts are the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up.

  • Massy Arias

    Arias is a certified health and wellness coach and PT who posts a range of home workouts in which she guides her audience by speaking both English and Spanish. Her videos tend to last no longer than 10 minutes, though there are a few exceptions (such as the one above) and range from mobility and stretch routines for muscle recovery to full-body workouts using skipping ropes. 

    Aiming to empower subscribers to perfect every move, this fitness guru boasts a huge variety of workout options so you’ll never get bored of her channel.  

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