43 percent more expensive: consumer selects Rama to the sham of the month

It is no longer a secret: price comparisons while grocery shopping pays off. However, not only different manufacturers should be compared.

Often, the exact views of the different offerings of a brand is worth. In the case of Rama from the manufacturer Upfield, the verbraucherzentrale Hamburg now, and Alarm.

Rama Margarine: Less for more

In the view of the consumer was “Our masterpiece” of Rama. The Margarine currently costs 1,79 Euro for 350 grams, which is 43 percent more expensive than the classic Rama.

On demand Rama-manufacturer Upfield said in reference to the higher of the price: “the higher-quality formula, the product has a higher retail price. She is our Premium Margarine, our masterpiece.”

The smaller package was simply “shoppers fair”.

“Our masterpiece” is a sham of the month

According to the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg, the Argument of the high-quality recipe does not count. The Association points out that the formulation of “Our masterpiece” is very similar to the Rama with butter milk.

In the result, the VZHH comes to the conclusion that Upfield had simply Packed an older product in a new robe, to make it more expensive to sell.

Rama with butter-milk, was until the beginning of 2018 in sales and a cost of 1,59 euros for 500 grams.

Dispute Palm Oil

In addition, the consumer center of Hamburg criticized the use of palm oil in “Our masterpiece”. On the list of ingredients, the controversial fat would stand in the first place, however, without concrete indication of quantity.

On demand got Upfield to know that “Our would mostly produced piece,” with 48 percent of the palm oil too much, as the VZHH place.

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