The correct intimate hygiene fr a man and a woman

The genital area is often übertriebener Hygiene cleaned. Usually water is sufficient but for täaligned care. How Mämen and women, and "untenrum" properly wash, shave and dress

Satisfied läcan smile every, dispensed with in certain Places to shower gels. Because you stöthe sensitive intimate flora unn&ouml ren;tig

The product range für women’s hygiene is huge. In addition to intimate washing lotions, creams, deodorant and türulers there are also special showers "füoptimal inner Vaginalpflege". The Problem here is that Almost all of it should keep a woman from your genital area. Experts believe that the use of such means to a higher number of infections with bacteria and fungi führt. Because the funds stöthe nat&uuml ren;natural vaginal flora.

A recent study from Canada indicates again this is the context: women, the Intimwaschlo­tions or gels used had a 3.5 times höhere probability für is a bacterial infection and is 2.5 times häsingle-stage urinary tract infections. Für "untenrum" the motto is: Less is more. "Products that correspond to the vagina, the pH value of and as the most gentle to apply, affect the Flora", Dr. Lisa says Mary wall, Vienna, Ärztin at the Universitätsfrauenklinik MüMunich.

No shower gel, no intimate lotion: water vödigit from

Especially on the inside, no woman should wash her vagina, or maintain. "It is a mucous membrane like in the mouth. Since you are not a cream drauf", wall Wiener says. Also the area of the äußeren labia to säubern, enough water. The best easy under the shower and wash it. It should, however, reach the sensitive area, no shower gel.

All women should not forget the genital area when Washing. Otherwise, köcan in the skin of the labia folds weißadvanced debris (Smegma), the smell unpleasant. It becomes more complicated when the power of the vagina problems, for example, uncomfortable dry anfühlt. "Then a moisturizing cream is as Sofortmaßtaking okay", wall Wiener says.

However, it should be looking for the cause. This is because the Symptom köcould a disease stuck. Also infections with fungi and bacteria bring dryness and itching, Rölines and swelling. Wall Vienna: "Then the Gynäthe Crimean state medical Institute."  

In the case of strongly constricted foreskin circumcision erwägen

In Mämen intimate hygiene is difficult when the foreskin narrows and is no longer zurückschieben lässt. Then may accumulate including Smegma. "The erhöht the risk of cancer of the penis. It köcan also näexuding wounds which are not more well-heilen", Professor Michael Tru&szlig says;, Director of the Urological clinic at Klinikum Dortmund.

Affected should have their foreskin removed, so the crop. "Otherwise, it is not an appropriate Hygiene more möglich", so Truß.  Who can move the foreskin, säubert the Penis best fließwash it under running water. At this sensitive body shower gel m&ouml also applies: ;as possible avoid. The testis is Soaping is less of a problem. 

Anal Hygiene: Special Feuchttücher is not nötig

After M&auml should;men and women also möas possible gently cleanse. This also applies if you have any health problems, such as, for example, Hämorriden. "It is a closed wet zone is in the butt, the anal area is very sensibel", Dr. Gerhard Weyandt, chief physician f&uuml stresses;r Dermato­ogy and Allergology, Klinikum Bayreuth.

Special Feuchttücher fücleaning after using the toilet does not need it. Some proctologists, so the Fachädoctors für the rectum, reject these products. "They often contain alcohol, preservatives and fragrances. This is irritating to the skin or führt to Allergien", also, Weyandt says. The proctologist rät also depends on rubbing with toilet paper. Better "tupfen".

No false shame in the case of complaints on the After

Für women, it is important not to bring intestinal bacteria in the vagina. "The germs füdo often Blasenentzündungen, or bacterial Entzündungen", wall Wiener says. Ideal wäit is re, the After after the großen Geschäft in a Bidet auszuduschen and then dry to föstand up or blotting with toilet paper dry. But this is in everyday life not always feasible. A möpossible Alternative: the toilet paper with water, damp a little and use this to gently Pat. 

The advice of a doctor, you should seek for symptoms such as itching, Rölines or Entzündungen. "It is important to erkennen&quot the cause;, says Weyandt. Also some skin diseases such as dandruff and Knötchenflechte köcould be the Anus. Who für be a Problem schämt and not to the doctor, often suffers unnötig for a long time. Hämorriden, for example, can faster and easier to get a grip, if you früactivity at an early stage to be treated.

Unterwäcal need not necessarily be made of cotton

Less of a problem than many people think, is the Unterwä. It müshot not necessarily BaumwollschlüCreator, the you can at 60 or 95 degrees in the washing machine plug. "It is okay to use panties made of synthetic, and this only at 30 degrees to waschen", wall Wiener says. There are also rare allergic reactions to Laundry detergent, the für Unterwäcal will be used.  

On the other hand: Some women have, according to the expert tatsäactually less problems getting a Divorce when you wear classic cotton. And thongs were already existing irritation in the genital area is not a good idea. They cause more friction and köcan intestinal bacteria in the direction of the vagina beföpromote.

The genital area gently depilate

Should you use for hair removal in the sensitive intimate area, a cream, an epilator or shaver? The experts wall Viennese and Weyandt rates of the first two methods. Hair removal cream can irritate the skin, Epilating at the very dücan skin be painful. 

But the shaving is fraught with risks: Häcommonly, it comes to Haarwurzelentzündungen. This ranges from small pustules up to großen abscesses, the need to cut open the doctor. In small cuts köinfections with genital warts may continue to spread. To avoid such consequences: never dry shave, the skin with warm water to soak. 

Weyandt rät, the body hair only to küshorten the – with a shaver or hair-cutter, set to two millimeters HöHey. After shaving soothe the skin with a moisturizing cream without perfumes.

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