Hygiene: cosmetic clean up

Verfäcolored creams, sticky powder brush, dingy Schmink­­bags – this is now. Tips fürs Mucking out the bathroom, vanity case and toiletry bag

Reusable: Used Make-Up Schwämmchen you can clean it with baby shampoo or washing machine

Cosmetics is not unlimited. As long as they can be used on the packaging. Only products that lälonger than 30 months, münot draw the manufacturer.

The time läuft

On sensitive Products, an hourglass with &shy is;a date of minimum durability shown. "To zächoose natural cosmetics and creams or serums with a high Wassergehalt", the pharmacist, Dr. Turhan Bastug from the upper Bavarian town of Geretsried says.

On all the other cosmetics, the sign of a ge&ouml is mostly;opened cream jar with a month. "From Öopening f&uuml is;r the specified period, the Stabilität of the product in ­sachgemäßhe application garantiert", the Haut&auml says;rztin Dr. Gerrit Schlippe, GeschäftsfüProfessor of a research Institute für dermato­logical products. Tip of Bastug: geöopened packaging with ­a date label is provided, then behäyou lt the Üoverview.

With all of your senses to test

In the bathroom-Check for a Smell test and accurate &shy help;Look. "If a product has a different smell, verfäor unmixed has rbt, gehört entsorgt", Dermatologist Schlippe says. Maybe the germs have invaded.

However, not only micro-organisms to put on cosmetics and reach when Applied to the skin. "The effectiveness can, for example, by äußEUA factors such as contact with oxygen down &shy set;werden", Schlippe says. Products with complex ingredients, such as vitamins lose möperhaps your Effektivität.

Best without light and air

In General, the experts, packaging recommend to wäselect the möas possible little Umwelteinflüsse to the cosmetics. A good security Schlippe, according to the so-called Airless Dispenser. In these Pumpspendern is no dirt or oxygen into the Interior. Usually, they are also opaque and schüappreciate the ­Contents from exposure to light.

Should it be a can or a jar: "Well before use the Häthe beaches are clean and the cream with a clean spatula entnehmen", pharmacist Bastug says.

Wash für the tool

Flüthe unnecessary Make-up, powder and Rouge köcan usually about two years long &ndash be used; if you clean the brushes and Schwämmchen aufträgt. Who puts on makeup with dirty tools, you risk clogged pores, pimples and irritation.

In the machine

On Make-up Schwämmchen and beauty blenders collects some ölige residues and Hautschüsnack food, for example. The purification is achieved with a mild baby shampoo. "And then in the air trocknen", Bea hole Schmidt, a lecturer says to a Gießener ­Vocational school für cosmetics. Also a deep cleaning in a small Wäschesäsack in the washing machine at 60 degrees ­the utensils, the expert handle it. For disinfection köyou can regelmäßig with 70-percent alcohol abgesprübe ht.

Baby shampoo against powder residue

"Cosmetic brushes after each use reinigen", hole Schmidt and erkl&auml recommends;rt how it goes: ausschübeg, einsprühen and on to a cosmetics cloth. Pharmacist Bastug recommends hierfür skin disinfectant sprays. Grüof course clean the tool with a special brush cleaning with surfactants and alcohol. A günstigere Alternative: a mild baby shampoo. Aufschätrees, brush well ausspülen and leave to dry flat.

This can go into the eye

The eye area is particularly sensitive to bacteria and germs. "Irritation, rash or a Bindehautentzümaking drohen", Dermatologist Schlippe says. You rät, mascara will not be replaced after three months, to share with Friends and to dispose of the case of infections on the eye immediately. Flüsilk plaster liquid Eyeliner can be used for up to six months. Extra long solid eyeliner pens.

Creams in Check

Face creams will keep for up to two years, body lotions, it is usually a year long use, natural cosmetics, and serums ­however, often only six months. "Efficient cosmetic enthält often Konservierungsstoffe", Haut&auml says;rztin Schlippe.

Although these are considered to be harmless, sensitive skin can react to some of the substances. The Alternative: creams with natünatural preservatives such as alcohol and äfour thousand five Öle. "These products are anfädigit für Bakterien", pharmacist Bastug says.

Robust Schaumschläger

Relatively insensitive to shower gel and Shampoo. Because of their basic substances – about sulfates – are little anfäcompletely für germs and bacteria, says the Hautärztin. Different it looks in natural cosmetics without schäumende surfactants and parabens. On the package, a date of minimum durability.

Restart für the Kosmetiktäschchen

Zerbröselter powder, spilled hand cream, zerdrückter lipstick: not necessarily appetizing, what with the passage of time in a Schmink­bag accumulates. "Every three months you should be subjected to a basic cleaning werden", cosmetic lecturer hole Schmidt says.
The bag with a damp cloth grühourly säubern, anschließend with a Flä-disinfection cloth and best umgestülpt let it dry. Bags made of fabric köcan also be in the washing machine with clothes of the same color at 40 degrees.

In the right place

Cosmetic products should kühl and stored in a dry place. The warm bathroom is therefore not necessarily ideal – before ­especially not für products, which will not absorb moisture. To gehören, for example, powder or eye shadow.

So everything goes smoothly

Also in the case of hair removal, Hygiene is important. The blade of wet shavers should regelm&auml according to the hole Schmidt;ßig sp&auml to be replaced, ;at the latest after three months. After each use, grühourly abspülen.

The holder of the so-called "Lock-in-Systemen" at women’s razors a long time is often in use. You can in the Spüdish or üovernight in a vinegar-­Water mixture to be cleaned. The löst ­Kalk­deposits. "Then air dry and with a ­Disinfection cloth abreiben", hole Schmidt recommends.

The tweezers of the Epilator after each use with a Bürstchen säubern and in front of the nänext use with a alcohol spray to wet.

Have A Good Trip

Für air travel it is recommended that smaller quantities of cosmetics abzufücases – from Platzgrübut also ­due to the strict requirements für Flüwater in the Handgepäck. "The best crucibles made of plastic wämiss you three minutes decoction kann", Dermato&shy says;login Schlippe. On disinfectant würde the Ärztin to refrain from. Residues remain in the Behälter zurück, köyou can skin cause irritation. But Hygiene is the Umfücases is very important. Prefer not to the Finger dafür, but a spatula. The abge­füthe products within 14 days of consume.

Temperature Shock

To know especially in the summer and on holiday well most of The cosmetic products m&ouml: ;no heat. "Once on the beach, heated, köthe ingredients of UV protection can creams chemically verändern", erläDermatologist Schlippe explained. The light protection factor is usually composed of highly complex substances, therefore, the expert: &quot recommends;Sun milk after ­a season to dispose of." Otherwise, the effect is not gewäguaranteed.

The Schminktäschchen is also in the swimming pool or for a while is in the heißen car. Make-up-&shy be;Products such as lipstick or Eyeliner is soft, and you often still save: just üabout night in the Kürefrigerator.

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