Hair care: myths and Reality

There are many Mämonarch darüabout how to his Mähne to Grow and Gläcoins. But in which of these tats&auml is;take a Körnchen truth? We klären

Lovely Ideal head of Hair as in the Mämonarch

Our head round 100&thinsp grow;000 hair. About as many Ratschläge düare likely to be in circulation, what you need to feel good. What is Aubert split ends away and the volume of the heart, the color intensified, and the scalp refreshed.

For example, "Hä- stage Cutting lässt hair grow faster." or "Henna is gesüthan a normal Tö." We asked the pharmacist and a hairdresser, which of these statements correspond to the facts – and what is more to the realm of fables gehören.

Schneewittchenschön without Shampoo
"The head skin cleans itself – also, without Shampoo."

Right? "Jein", pharmacist Tatjana Buck says. Although &quot was;No Poo", like the Shampoo-waiver also called a Trend, currently. The self-cleaning stimulating, the method is, however, controversial. The fat production of the scalp by Talgdrüsen, which are controlled primarily hormonally.

The Drüsen verfügene, however, über no Prüfmechanismus, to determine whether enough sebum on the head. Therefore, they stop the production not just because of the hair plöaddition not be washed.

"However, the S&auml is;ureschutz mantle of the skin protected and the scalp dries out so strong aus­, when we Shampoo weglassen", Buck says. Hairdressing master Frank Sunday stressed: "The dose makes the poison."

His tip: rather than losing completely, it’s better to Shampoo with plenty of water verdücan and not to heiß ausspülen. Against Rückstände of silicon-containing care products not: help simple Washing but "After some time, it is advisable to treat the hair with a deep cleansing agent and rid it of the deposits."

Hocus-pocus to Henna

"Henna färbt gently the hair."

For thousands of years, Henna f&uuml is;r a red Mähne. "The natünatural Pigment from the Bläsetters of the henna shrub f&uuml is;r the structure of the hair slightly vertränecessary than chemical Färbemittel", the pharmacist Christina Besl says. It is not just healthy, but also not schäSouth.

Caution: Sometimes plugged in Henna Haarfänot rbemitteln just pure nature. The Fäto accelerate rbeprozess or to produce a more intense sound, the products, sometimes chemicals zugefügt, suspected allergies auszulösen. The Federal Institute für risk assessment warns, in particular prior to such, the p-phenylenediamine (PPD). Better prior to the application üabout the ingredients.

Hairdressing master Sunday: "Make sure that the Henna from öpharmacologically controlled cultivation dates and möas possible is not contaminated with pesticides or metal oxides."

Rapunzel’s cold glory

"Föstand up schädamaged the hair."

This is tatsäactually no Mämonarch – at least when the temperature is very high. "Heißit ­Förebel attacks in the horn layer of the hair an", pharmacist Christina Besl says. The könne to breakage or split ends fülisten to and ­let the Mäteeth look dull. Heiße air irritates and dries außbesides, the ­Head out of the skin.

No Wonder: Föhnluft can be quite temperatures of üover 100 degrees, weiß Hair Masters Sunday. "In the case of direct contact wäre the too high a load. Unfortunately, the hair has no nerves and can’t even scream." This does not mean, however, that it is now necessarily cold föstand up must. Suitable is a temperature that can be used also on the skin aush&auml is;lt.

The Wärmegrade due to a second myth: Gl&auml true;would have strained the hair. The Schäto keep the small, ­you should Strärise up previously with a heat-protection product to treat. Gentle Glätteisen with a smooth ceramic or Teflon coating, and a temperature controller.

Fabulous Bürste?

“100 Büthe first strokes per day to let the hair grow faster.”

Sorry, that’s wrong, says Tatyana Buck, a pharmacist from Bad Saulgau. “The growth is genetically determined, Büthe first strokes ­nothing to accelerate.” In addition to the genes, the Ern&auml affect, among other things,;currency, hormonal Verächanges, as well as the blood circulation to the scalp, the pace of growth.

A positive effect of the B&uuml has;first however, It is the nat&uuml distributed;natural fat of the scalp üabout the whole hair and läit is also possible to stäamplifier gläcoins. “Whether it is a hundred Büthe first strokes to be müshot, the hängt well-being of the Haarläthe length and amount,” says Frank Sonntag, head of the technical educational institution of Oldenburg für hairdressers. “It is important, in any case, with high-quality Materia­­to work lien.” The hairdresser recommends Holzbüto use brushes with natural bristles.

Magic Scissors?

"Hä- stage Cutting power to the thickness of hair."

"This is Quatsch", the M&uuml says;Munich pharmacist Christina Besl. "The growth of the root, not the tip." In terms of ­Thickness and volume is the Küshorten still a good idea, says Frank Sunday. Without cutting n&auml are;namely ­to see only broken tips, regelmäßiges ­Cutting brings the healthy Hair on the same Länge and erhöht to the volume.

A Trick that does not work according to the expert, only on the head: "This is äsimilar to the Büin nature, where individual shoots einkürzt, to make them appear thicker."

Myth Exposure

Should you m&ouml cures really;as long in the hair. It is better not to. To long exposure times köcould the structure of the hair, rather zerstören says pharmacist Besl. "Although there are special Over-Night products, but usually applies: dear ömore often than läViking."

The Barber Sunday: &quot recommends;Best regelm&auml acts;ßowned care with small amounts." The hair to take only limited nourishing ingredients, says pharmacist Buck. "After a certain period of time the hair is easy to full."

Myth Fellwechsel  

You have the Gefühl, in the MäMarch and April to lose especially a lot of hair? "In The Früspring comes, it is often a kind of fur exchange. However, the follicles are not in this seasonal hair loss ­geschädamaged, and the growth is not gestört", Apothe&shy says;kerin Buck. Affected müshot so don’t Worry &ndash make; the hair sprießs back to.

The seasonal loss is a heritage of our ancestors: The fur of our ancestors served in the Winter as wärmender protection and in the summer as a sun screen. In addition, köcan hormo­nelle Verächanges für the Phänoun. Because of the verstämarkets hair loss in Früspring is not for every person noticeable.

Myth Spitzenspülung

"Against split ends, only the Schere&quot helps unfortunately;, a pharmacist, Buck says. Under the ­­Microscope, it is clear: in addition to that, split ­Tips are greatly frayed. "A Spülung glättet the hair of außen. You can reparieren&quot but not;, expert Sunday said. Here, there is a need for an appointment at the hairdresser’s. The broken Ends mühave to be cut off.

Myth Hair Rubber

Hair ties are bad fürs hair? Wrong, says a pharmacist Buck. "Rubber with metal rings ­to RUB the hair and schäit is a joyful." Hairdressing master Sunday already knows the end of Alternatives: These are covered with fabric or spiralförmig. "They leave no pressure points on the Haar", according to the expert. In any case, simple T&uuml should;tengummis and fastened tight can be used.

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