How the pros deal with sports injuries

Muscle Strain, Bäcrack or the ankle joint: Regardless of the injury, physiotherapists, and Ädoctors seem to Profifußto heal shooting in the blink of an eye. Why Amateurs in your recovery patient should be

A popular Trick in athletes wrap The leg with clingfilm, so that the applied ointment läViking hält

In the case of Play of the German Fußball teams saßs until recently Orthopäde Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt and chief physiotherapist Klaus Eder of the Bank. If a player is in pain on the floor wälzt and the referee waving, had to Müller-Wohlfahrt and Eder jump up and onto the game field.

Then you and dr&uuml probed;swallowed, küthe affected area cleaned with ice spray, talked with the injured, spent the night on his Köbody language. Häoften they were still on the square is a vorlänestled in the diagnosis, Kompressionsverbände to, and to decide whether the player can continue. Sometimes the M&uuml are;lers, Hummels and Khediras happen quickly on the field of play, kicking, as if nothing wäre. And the spectators in front of the screen köcould almost believe that everything was only Show.

In the case of injuries, Klaus Eder treated, especially the fascia

"This is not a setup Spiel", Eder says. "When sports doctors and sports physiotherapists can work well together, köyou can cause injuries a lot." Since 1988, the 64-J&auml was;slaves are part of the DFB team. In his rehab centre in Donaustauf near Regensburg, he treated the national players and other power athletes. Jerseys with dedications of well-known names such as Bastian Schweinsteiger or Toni Kroos schmüpress the Wände, in two Räthe trees of the sweating patients of partly computer-controlled Trainingsgeräth.

In the case of acute injuries on the playing field f&uuml were;r Eder the Händ the most important Arbeitsgerät. So he was able to feel often, whether a muscle is just pulled or if fibres are torn. With a firm thumb pressure, with strokes, he corrected the problems of muscles, Bächange, and Tendons. Especially the fascia he treated in this way, says Eder. The connective tissue that covers, among other things, muscles that connect the whole Köof the body to each other, and it was, therefore, störanfä- digit. Fascia köcan verkübe reduced, with the muscle sticking, twisting, folding, reißen. A muscle strain is, according to Eder, in essence, a Problem of the fascia.

Physiotherapists üben criticism of the fascia theory

These Erklärmodellen of the successful physiotherapist colleagues report, however, is in doubt. "The Popularität the Faszientech­niken is in a Missverhärelationship to the scientific data, particularly the comparison with well-established physiotherapy methods betrifft", Dr. Cordula brown, physiotherapist and lecturer f&uuml says;r budding colleagues at the Hochschule 21 in Buxtehude. "You may betrachten&quot the fascia is also not isolated;, she says. "Who patients with the Häbe treated, always influences other structures such as muscles, and joints."

Professor Axel Schäfer, member of the management Board of the German society für physiotherapy science, hält, the focus on fascia für a fad. He compares this with the treatment of Rühide pain in the last few decades: Frühere, the Straightening of the Vertebrae in the center, then the nerve mobilization, später was the recommendation to the Rücover möas far as possible not to touch, and the patient instead advise. Physiotherapy treatments hähave good effects on pain and Bewegungseinschrärestrictions, but their mode of action was often poorly understood, says Schäfer.

As with all therapies, the reputation of the therapist f&uuml is sometimes;r success is more important than the direct effect of his treatments. Even more drüfrom ckt, the team doctor of the German Bundesliga clubs: "Natüof course, we are also working with the Placeboeffekt", the physician who does not want to read his name here. "We use Stoßwaves, electro-therapy, classic Massage, acupuncture, magnetic resonance, and much andere", the Orthopäde. "But whether this really brings more than just the good Gefüto be hl, treated, we do not know."

Amateurs should adhere to injury sports break

The most important was probably, depending on the Ausmaß the injury is a short or läfor a long break. This is particularly true für the hämost common injuries when Fußball: muscle strain or fiber cracks, Bäof injuries to the ankle, knee problems. Profifußshooting wüauthorities, however, häoften to früh get back in the game. With the risk that, for example, a fresh verheiltes replacement cross band again reißt, a Ermüextension break again breaks or a Schambeinentzümaking is exacerbated.

The most common injuries in football

Ankle injuries

  • Injuries to the ankle involve the häthe most common one of the three Außenbä. Cause a Twisting of the Fu&szlig is;it to the inside. A Band can überdehnt ­be einreißen or completely ­abreißen. A consistent ­Treatment is important because otherwise a permanent Instabilität threatens.
  • With an orthosis, the joint zun&auml is;first of all, calm. How long, hädepends on the severity of the Injury. Anschließend to follow movements with gradually increasing Belastung  as well as Koordinationsüexercises with a wobble Board. Many Fußball professionals play in the prevention of henceforth with ­a Tape-bandage.

Cruciate ligament rupture

  • In the case of young and/or physically active people the torn cruciate ligament is surgically, usually by a köthe body’s own tendon replaced. After a few weeks with the orthosis, the knee is loaded gradually rising, the leg muscles are gestärkt, and the coordination is improved.
  • A cracked inner band usually heals without surgery. 
  • A torn meniscus can genäbe ht, insofar as it relates to a good circulation in the Area. Otherwise, the will or torn part is removed.

Muscle injuries

  • Muscle injuries typically occur during a Sprint or jump, mostly without the direct influence of an opponent. In the case of a muscle strain fibers are only überdehnt, but not zerstört. A tear requires an ongoing treatment, in the case of a Muskelbündelriss is sometimes even surgery nötig.
  • After immediate treatment with Kümisconduct and compression bandage is called a break of a few days. Physiotherapists kömay be due to lymphatic drainage of the Abfließen a blood effusion föpromote a Massage verhärtete muscles in the vicinity of the injury site relax. Anschließend consequences of, for example, slow Läufe, until the load is gradually increased.

DFB physiotherapist Eder warns Amateur athletes in front of it, this is the model to emulate. More: "A Amateur, I recommend, with the Fußplay ball aufzuhören, tore, especially if, for example, in the case of a cross band, a meniscus and cartilage damage." Dr. Patrick Ingelfinger of the Victoria hospital in Bochum, Germany this recommendation. The team doctor of Schalke 04, for example from a patient with ACL tear and meniscus damage, yet for many years in the district League kicked – and now, not even with the kids on the football ground.

Professionals to train after a surgery is very intense

Ingelfinger rät Amateurs to compete in the Ausheildauer non-athletes: "To train professionals in the rehab almost täpossible three to four hours. You can natüof course, not a once or twice a wöweekly applied physiotherapy in Hobby­athletes compare." This should not get in so quickly. For example, after a cruciate ligament tear: to train professionals after surgery, intense agility, strength and coordination, and quick ­­Movements and change of direction – everything is professionally attended to and with stufen­wise increase. 

Amateurs, however, are at the end of the rehabilitation "funktionell" often doesn’t really fit. You land, for example, to Sprüngen still in slight X-leg position, joint movement, and the reflexes are too slow, fast spins appear uncoordinated. All the erhöht the risk of recurrence of knee injury. And thus also the risk für painful Gelenkverschleiß 10, 20 years später. Injured Amateur athletes should have patience, a long enough rest. And in this time, for example, in front of the TV when Fußball cheer.

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