Disability: Wohlfhlen through Sport

Sport has positive effects on muscles, heart and Psyche. Also, people with a disability köcan regelmäßsodium exercise and the associated contacts benefit

Not only movement: Manfred H. schäsupports the Sport, especially the social contacts

To refrain from sports, the f&uuml was;r Manfred H. never an Option. Since 1978, the 72-j&auml sits;years in Frankfurt after a serious herniated disc in a wheelchair. He has Bogenschießen tried, and was for a long time as a wheelchair basketball players active. About ten years ago, he moved from the playing field on the floor and hält has since been with Dance fit. At least once a week, he meets with others for Training in the gym of the Berufsgenossenschaft­trauma clinic in Frankfurt. Prior to tournaments, sometimes two or three training days per week are on the schedule. The Amateur group has to Standardtänze specialized, Manfred H. favorite slow waltz and Tango. 

After a zweistücomplete Training weiß the former Verwaltungsfach­­employees, what he has done: "Since fließt the Schweiß neat." Any movement, any rotation of the wheelchair is hard work. Especially in the first years, when he had a dance partner, also in a wheelchair saß, it was really exhausting. From ­health Grüyou had to aufhören, since dancing Manfred H. regelmäßig with a "Fußgängerin", as he says. This may be easier.

Sports with Handicap: More Lebensqualität through social contacts

Just für people with disabilities has köphysical Aktivität are many positive aspects to – in addition to the numerous preventive effects on muscles, circulatory System, or Psyche, of which each athlete benefits. "For example, the at you by moto­­legislative Einschrärestrictions, reduced mobility, improved werden", Dr. Volker During the, head of the Frechener research Institute f&uuml says;r inclusion through exercise and sports. 

A maßsignificant role in individual well-being games. "We were able to show in several studies that people with Querschnittsläobligations compared with amputations or patients with Multiple sclerosis, the Lebensqualität by regelmäßige sporting Aktivitäclearly höit is in those inactive sind", erläbases During the.

By common Aktivitäand the exchange with other athletes füpeople with a Handicap stä.more in the community involved. Also für Manfred H. was sports always far more than just köphysical exercise. "I need the social contacts in the group. If I change health-related läfor a long time was in the hospital and couldn’t exercise, I have always had fast the Gefühl, that I am missing something." 

Despite their disabilities the Spaß in the movement to keep

Daniela S. (35) is also never alone. In the Berlin climbing hall of the German Alpine club, you can accompany your children, your husband or other people with disabilities. Secured with ropes, felt the way up, sometimes using the Call as "At three o’clock!". Due to a genetic defect she lost as a child, their eyes light. What has not lost, the Spaß of movement and the Demand for sporting challenges.

A year ago, she discovered the Climbing für. Your children schwäbefore rmten her. Doubt that your mom can be, despite a visual impairment, the two had never. The special feature of the Climb, among other things, the vielf&auml are;valid training effects. It kräoccupied the whole of the Köbody muscles, föpromotes Koordinationsfäability to increase concentration and attention. Climbing to achieve rapid success experiences, the good for you.

After a year füDaniela S. hlt on the wall for sure and matter-of-factly: "I würde me as ambi­. Amateur call." The performance and competitive thought übe quite a degree of fascination to you. For a long time she has lived this fascination also. At the Paralympics, you erschwamm several Gold and silver medals. They wanted the Sport to their blindness to the nail hängen. But her father reported three years später just at the disabled swim. "To Glück!", Daniela S. &ndash says; not only in terms of their Me­daillen. "I fühle me in the water much free. Here it is not so important whether I see kann".

Individual and team sports für people with disabilities

People with a Handicap the Sport often that you much more köcan, than you trust yourself. Long is the list of sportsthat people in a wheelchair, with Sehbeeinträauthorization or other disabilities ausüben köcan. In principle, everyone can find something.

There are individual sports like Pole Wheeling – a variant of Nordic Walking für wheelchair – as well as a variety of Teamaktivitäten, for example, Sitzfußball, blind tennis, rowing, bowls, Golf and waterskiing. Now in the Winter köcan people with disabilities using special Sport­­geräte slopes to conquer, Langlauf­cross-country trails complete or ski touring. Those who like it more sociable, such as when Curling or ice hockey.

There’s a lack of Verfüavailability and accessibility

So there is no lack in the diversity of the Möopportunities, but often at the Verfüavailability in the immediate WohnortnäHey. People in a Großcity life, will have it often easier. In lärural regions, however häoften not so rosy. "When you very long way zurümust cklegen to üto get in at all to the Sport, this is a großhe Hinderungsgrund", scientists During the says.

The expert bemängelt außbesides, the eingeschräunlimited accessibility to many Sportstätten. He erfährt in the course of his work, over and over again, that Sportverbände and policy more offers für people with disabilities want to create. However, all parties Involved mügot to use to plan projects or develop and there is often. The demand is clearly there – both the desire for specific facilities, based on individual Handicaps, as well as to inclusive Offered. Many people with disabilities wüauthorities together with non-disabled sports. Concerned, the on your Bedüneeds tailored Trainingsmöopportunities to use möwant, rät participation During the expert, directly to the ölocal sports clubs to reach out and ask.  

However, in addition to a lack of services, there is still a reason, everyone is probably familiar with: the inner pig-dog. "He is with each one, no matter whether with or without Behinderung", says During the. In addition, people with a disability, who had an accident and for the first time with severe Beeinträpermissions are confronted, zunäfirst of all, have quite different Concerns. But you help it, when you Sport the challenges to köfrom a physical and mental resistance and leistungs­fäto stay higer.

Focal points für sports enthusiasts with a Handicap

People with disabilities, sports möwant to contact the best at advice, Sportbünde or Kreissportbünde, as well as the clubs. "You go openly to the contact person, and ask nach", rät Dr. Volker During the.

  • Inclusion map for the disabled, which lists projects nationwide: www.inklusionslandkarte.de
  • German Federation of the Blind and visually impaired Association e. V.: www.dbsv.org/sport.html
  • German wheelchair-sports Association e.  V.: www.drs.org

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