Chronology: than the food is on schedule

Chronopathy is one of the popular trends, which, according to its fans, allows you to eat differently and without restrictions, but at the same time lose extra centimeters and strengthen immunity. But is it really that simple?

Discipline instead of limitations

The main advantage of this diet is the almost complete absence of restrictions, however, in order to adhere to it, you will have to become disciplined and consistent.
“The main idea of chronopathology is that meals correspond to the biorhythms of our body, so we get maximum benefit from everything that we eat and practically do not suffer because of the deposition of“ surplus ”at the waist,” says nutritionist Anna Shopova.
The first to suggest chronopharmacy, as a method of getting rid of hateful extra pounds and as a general health remedy, was nutritionist Alan DeLabo, and his student Patrick Leconte developed a nutrition system. After analyzing the frequency and intensity of hormone and enzyme production in the body during the day, the scientists came to the conclusion that at different times of the day we can without any harm to the figure and health master different foods, receiving maximum benefit and energy from it.
“In other words, fatty foods are best absorbed in the morning, but in the evening they will only be harmful, but, for example, you should eat sweets in the evening,” the doctor added.

On time and satisfying

The main postulate is simple – daily food intake at the same time. Otherwise, all other efforts go down the drain
The optimal time for breakfast is from 6:30 and 9:30 in the morning, lunch from 12:00 to 13:30, compulsory snacks or snacks from 17:00 to 18:30, and dinner – two to two and a half hours before sleep. “Modern nutritionists call breakfast the most important meal, and under no circumstances advise it to skip. You should not miss an afternoon tea as well – it falls just at the time when the body needs to be supported with energy and – which is even nicer – it is at this time that the absorption of sweets, cookies and cakes is allowed! The developers of the power supply system are sure of this. In general, the principles are fully consistent with modern science, but I would not be so keen on hourly intervals and monitor the satiety and usefulness of dishes more and eat fractionally, ”the nutritionist said.
As the authors of the system assure, after a couple of weeks of such nutrition by the clock, the metabolism will return to normal and even accelerate. Weight is normalized and overall well-being improves.

Where to begin?

Each meal has its own set of products and therefore it is strictly forbidden to eat the same thing, for example, for breakfast and dinner.
Breakfast is extremely important, as in the early morning an active release of proteolytic enzyme and insulin occurs in the body – these substances perfectly digest fats and proteins, turning it all into building material for muscles.
“The best thing you can think of for your morning meal is eggs, butter, cheese, bread, cereal.
Dinner should consist of animal food (meat or fish) and necessarily vegetables, ideally starchy (for example, potatoes). At the time indicated for dinner, the effect of morning enzymes is still strong, but it is still better to consume less fat.
Tea time – means hearty and tasty snack. Not only to fill the stomach, but also to raise the mood. An excellent addition to it will be nuts, dried fruits and sweets. Of the latter, it is better to give preference to dark chocolate and milk or fruit desserts. For example, apples baked with honey and cinnamon. There is a sweet that is necessary (and only) at this time, since by the evening in the body comes the peak of insulin – by the way, this explains what by the evening most of us are pulling on sweets. But be careful – after 18.30 the sweet is banned again, ”the doctor told the details of the popular system.
For dinner, it is better to choose low-calorie dishes. Ideal fish, seafood and light vegetable salads. This is explained by the fact that at the end of the day, hormone production practically stops and food is digested slowly. So, all the excess will certainly settle at the waist.
It is desirable that each meal consists of one dish, and not of the first, second and dessert.
Strong alcohol is highly undesirable, but against the red wine, the authors of the technique have nothing. In small quantities, this drink is even useful.
All other recommendations, in principle, fully comply with the principles of healthy eating. We minimize fast food, salted, smoked, sausages, sausages and other “unhealthy” products. Meat – three times a week, and fish and seafood is welcome at least every day. Cereals, cereals are important, but you should not abuse them either, it is better to change them periodically for vegetables.